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Top Ten Tunes

Toni Collette

Wine Loving DJ

Special Guest, Wine Loving DJ, the Stunning and Unique Toni Collette.

Ladies aaanndd Gentlemen! Today, in the Two Paddocks Disco Inferno, one of the really Great Actors of our time!

Not only that, she is herself a musician and singer! More than that she's married to a great musician, Dave Galafassi!

It gets worse -- she's now giving birth to little musicians! (Two.) No wonder she loves her music! No choice! And no wonder we love her! Funny, fantastically talented, good company and supremely gorgeous ... yes the perfect Guest TP DJ ... here she is: Lift the Roof People! It's our very own ... TONI COLLETTE!!

Note -- TC has never been one for rules or even guidelines , so here she is flagrantly, fragrently, busting at least two. Oh well , we've never been able to say no to she is.

From TC -- OK, I am taking you up on listing albums and not just singles. Because the art of album making feels like it is slipping away. There is a story in an album. You can lay down and listen and travel with it. Where as a single is more of a quick f***. Sorry but I prefer the former?! Most of the time ... I have whittled it down but I cannot get it down to 10 faves. I got it down to 13. Very difficult in itself. Here goes (in no particular order):

  1. Harvest - Neil Young

  2. Grace - Jeff Buckley

  3. Alina - Arvo Part

  4. Spirit of Eden - Talk Talk

  5. Hunky Dory - David Bowie

  6. Astral Weeks - Van Morrison

  7. Funeral - Arcade Fire

  8. O - Damien Rice

  9. Wrecking Ball - Emmylou Harris

  10. Time (The Revelator) - Gillian Welch

  11. Closing Time - Tom Waits

  12. The Bends - Radiohead


Flawless. Couldn't argue with a single thing here ... what impeccable taste. Thanks TC.

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