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Two Paddocks in 3 Minutes

Two Paddocks in 3 Minutes

Enjoy a quick glimpse at the vines, people and place that is Two Paddocks. (Oh and turn the music up real loud)


Two Paddocks

The Short Story


We are Sam Neill { The Proprietor } family and friends: Vintners. Growers and producers of some of the greatest wines imaginable. All modesty aside. We’ve decided this is no company, for modesty. And our wines are so much better than that.


A very very small company, utterly obsessed with Pinot Noir. And Riesling. And with great pride - organics, quality, authenticity, detail and style. Having said all that, we don’t take ourselves at all seriously - the seriousness we leave to our SERIOUS wines.


We have four beautiful organic vineyards artfully scattered around Central Otago . The southernmost wine region in New Zealand. And possibly the world. And you can find, if you try hard, our wines somewhere near you. If that’s too hard, we have a splendid Private Paddock Club, which you are welcome to join.


We planted our first grapes in the Gibbston Valley in 1993, and our first vintage was in 1997. Our last vineyard, on the Felton Rd in Bannockburn, we acquired in 2013. We are absolutely of the present, and indeed the future but we are very mindful of the history, the culture of wine.


That’s a tough question. The existential one. Well, just because we can. Because the Proprietor is slightly mad. Because we think we should. And because we love country life: We also grow saffron, lavender, we have orchards and various decorative animals. We’re farmers.

The Blog - 25 November 2022

The triumphal return of the TWO PADDOCKS TOP 10

This weekend we see the triumphal return of the famed TWO PADDOCKS TOP 10 music charts.

The triumphal return of the TWO PADDOCKS TOP 10


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Wine Club

The Private Paddock. It’s a wine club, that will give you access to The Clubhouse (which used to be our cellar door, but which will now only be freely available to our club members). We will have Clubhouse visits, wine tasting, and vineyard/farm tours. It will give you invitations to special Private Paddock events – the occasional dinner, harvest picnics and so on.


Our Vineyards

With land in all three major wine valleys of Central Otago and a long term vision for small single vineyard pinot noir blocks spread throughout region.  Each have a unique soil and climatic blueprint.


The Fusilier

Our last acquisition (2013), located in the very heart of Central Otago wine on Felton Rd. in Bannockburn.


First Paddock2

The First Paddock

Sam's original vineyard. Planted here in the heart of the Gibbston Valley in 1993. 100% Pinot Noir. 4.6 hectares.


Last Chance

The Last Chance

A dramatically beautiful site in Earnscleugh, ideal for Pinot Noir. Two hectares only, planted in 1998.


Red Bank2

Red Bank Farm & Vineyard

At the other end of the Alexandra Basin is our largest vineyard, our home farm (H.Q.) and our Private Paddock...