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Top Ten Tunes

Richard E. Grant


Ladies and Gentlemen! Yes, you asked for him ... well you can have him! Without a doubt one of the very best actors of his generation, and a very amusing interesting bloke -- but that's by the by since he's here as tonight's DJ, in the recently reno'ed Dayglo Disco ("...Rancid..." The New York Times). What? You want more about Richard? Why, for goodness sake, everyone loves him enough, we say! Oh alright then ... we will always love him for Withnail and I (with the possible exception of The Big Lebowski, every actor's favourite fillum), we loved him in Prêt-à-Porter, Gosford Park, Portrait of a Lady, How to Get Ahead in Advertising, on stage in Importance of being Earnest and My Fair Lady, and we are not alone in our undying gratitude for his lavish extravagance in Hudson Hawk ... the list goes on and on ... But most of all, we love him for Wah Wah, one of our all time favourite films -- his heartfelt semi-autobiographical story of growing up in Swaziland, a brilliant post-colonial film about colonialism (and growing up and betrayal and ... lots of things). And we are fizzing at the bung to see him play Michael Heseltine opposite Meryl in Iron Lady. And here he is direct from the set of the Kath and Kim Filum (another not-to-be-missed epic), looking as unruffled and debonair as always, courtesy of Two Paddocks Virtual Airways (First Class: Take to the skies, without leaving home) ... the completely, deliriously splendid ... Mr. RICHARD E. GRANT!!

  1. Try a Little Tenderness - Sam Cooke

    Best first pash song I've heard so far

  2. Sweet Dreams - (Are Made of This) - Annie Lennox

    Was a waiter in Covent garden in '82 and this song was a mantra.

  3. Respect - Aretha Franklin

    'Cos the moment you hear it, your feet start dancing

  4. In the Wee Small Hours - Frank Sinatra

    Melancholic and perfect

  5. When a Man Loves a Woman - Percy Sledge

    Words say it all

  6. No Woman No Cry - Bob Marley Live

    Chorus that is worth repeating all life long

  7. A Case of You - Joni Mitchell

    Longing and lost love perfectly expressed in three minutes

  8. American Tune - Paul Simon

    As timely in the 21st as it was at the end of the 20th century.

  9. If I Loved You - Barbra Streisand

    Once in a lifetime voice that bullseye's the heart

  10. When I Fall in Love - Nat King Cole

    Lush, lush, lush.

Alright ... if I have to name one scene, one little part of one scene, that I wish I'd done, but know I'd never pull it off - it's this: the scene when Withnail (Richard) drinks lighter fluid, is stoned hysterically for about ten seconds, and then passes out. Sublime. We admire Richard E. immensely. A lovely actor. Witty, scabrous company. Fabulous Top 10 Richard, you're the BEST! Come on groovers -- on your feet once more for our friend, the immaculately unique...RICHARD E. GRANT!

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