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Top Ten Tunes

John Clarke

Writer, comedian, satirist, raconteur, wearer of trousers, special guest DJ

Ladies and Gentlemen! A little hush PLEASE in the Two Paddocks Disco Inferno! Appearing tonight, all the way from Melbourne Australia, such an old TP friend he could be almost described as a Veteran! Simply the funniest man in Australasia! JC is in The House! With videos! On your feet, Party People, a roar of approval please! The dude has impeccable taste in Music! Yes, the Man Himself ... John Clark!

From John: Well-known South Island vintner and promising young actor Sam Neill, has a website on which he presents selections of music chosen by people with whom he has been on the turps. Here is John's list of songs, in no particular order.

Follow the links to YouTube vidoes of each song.

  1. She's Not There - The Zombies

    1964. The year I sat School Cert. Beatles up and running. British music going well. Colin Blunstone in fine voice.

  2. Why Don't You Try Me - Ry Cooder

    Ryland Peter Cooder is a Latin expression meaning 'made of rhythm.'

  3. Arthur McBride - Paul Brady

    Great anti-recruiting song sung by Paul Brady, a key figure in the Irish music revival and in its fusion with other music.

  4. We Can Work it Out - Teddy Thompson, Martha Wainwright

    Nice version of the song. Good singing together. Maximum musical pedigree permissible in one youtube clip.

  5. The Ship Song - Camille O'Sullivan

    Great version of the song. If you like this, try Camille doing 'Look Mummy, No Hands'.

  6. Hey Joe - Tim O'Brien and Jerry Douglas (dobro)

    What a cracker this is. Top flight musicians going for the doctor. Stand well back.

  7. Nowhere Man - Natalie Merchant

    Best version of the song I've heard. Natalie sings like Clive Lloyd used to hit sixes; slowly, majestically and with ridiculous ease.

  8. The Way it Will Be - Gillian Welch, David Rawlings

    Great writing and beautiful singing, as always. One of the songwriters of the age. 'The Harrow and the Harvest' is the album.

  9. Don't Leave Nobody But the Baby - Emmylou Harris, Gillian Welch, Alison Krauss.

    Just three voices. What pleasure.

  10. Killing the Blues - Alison Krauss, Robert Plant

    Alison Krauss sings on this album? Thank you. No further questions Your Honour.


Killer songlist, John. Is there a better Irish song than “ and me cousin, one Arthur McBride." We love each and every one of these here at HQ.

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