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Top Ten Tunes

Cillian Murphy


Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome back to the Dayglo! Everything back in order, except for the retractable roof. Which won't actually retract, so some of you may see a little more of the weather than you might expect in an establishment of this calibre (half a star...Rolling Stone). So much for double glazing, eh?

Now I know we promised you some Performance Art tonight, but a bus strike saw to that. The burlesque dancers likewise are stuck somewhere south of Orpington. Feathers and all. Oh well, there's always Bob, as the Archangel Robert...

However! Tonight as DJ, by special arrangement with The Dail and the Islington Council, not only one of today's best actors as well as one of the hottest, but a man who knows his music. You know him best from 28 Days Later, Inception, The Dark Knight movies, The Wind that Shakes the Barley, Breakfast on Pluto, etc. But Cork knows him from the short lived band The Sons of Mr Greengenes - a band that could have been the next Pink Floyd. If only they'd ... been better. But you and Cork will never forget him after you see The Peaky Blinders this year, on BBC 2 and elsewhere.

Should you miss it - well, we know where you live.

So here he is -- upstanding please -- a Corkman, a gentleman, a fine actor, a lovely fellow by universal consensus, an excellent collaborator, a friend and a scholar -- help him on stage please ... and a big Dayglo hand for the one and only...MR CILLIAN MURPHY!

  1. Rock & Roll - Velvet Underground

    'Cos I think they managed to bottle rock n' roll in this. It has never failed to stir a little bit of rebellion in me every time I listen to it. Even in my advancing years.

  2. Maybe I'm Amazed - Paul McCartney

    So McCartney wrote and played everything on this on his first solo album (McCartney) after the Beatles break up. One of his rockier love songs which I much prefer. Amazing guitar solo too. Pretty much a perfect song.

  3. God - John Lennon

    A nice counterpoint to Maybe I'm amazed. Also from his own first post Beatles album. The lyrics are exceptionally bold and brave, heartbreaking and hopeful. And the vocal is so raw. "God is a concept by which we measure our pain"

  4. Sugar - Stevie Wonder

    For a pure burst of energy, sunshine and melody you can't go wrong with this Stevie tune from "Signed Sealed and Delivered". Again arranged produced and played by Stevie. Listen to the drums. Amazing.

  5. The Band - The Weight

    Kind of predictable I guess. But I need to listen to this tune quite regularly just to remind me of the potential and purity of music.

  6. Sweet Thing - Van Morrison

    One of the most romantic songs ever written in my opinion. The lyrics seem to transport you back to that feeling of first love/last love.... They are pure poetry. Astral Weeks is an album whose sound other musicians and producers have been trying to emulate for decades but have never succeeded.

  7. Hymn of the Big Wheel - Massive Attack

    Potential funeral song this one! From amazing Blue lines album. Again it never gets old. And manages to ask that "what is it all about question" but make it original. Fantastic vocal by Horace Andy. Play it loud in the church....

  8. Someday - The Strokes

    When I heard all the fuss about the Strokes I wasn't convinced but when I actually listened to "Is This It" back in 2002 I knew they were the real thing.

  9. Man of the World - Fleetwood Mac

    This is my favourite track, always makes me and everyone else dance when I play it. Energy, positivity, arrogance, youth....

  10. Blues Run the Game - Jackson C. Frank

    I've always loved early Fleetwood Mac before Peter Green left. I love his guitar playing and his voice. This is such a sad song. Honest and beautiful, with such gorgeous playing.

Thanks Cillian! Faultless, and an exemplum of good taste... A big hand again for tonight's Dayglo DJ...Mr Cillian Murphy!

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