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Four Beautiful Vineyards

Committed to an organic and holistic farming model that we believe produces the very best expression of our sites and intrinsically cares for our soils, our animals and our people. 

Viticulturist / Vineyard Manager

Mike Wing

Mike has been with us since 2005, working first as assistant vineyard manager and now as the head man, boss man, head honcho of horticulture. Mike knows our vineyards like the back of his capable hands, and has energy and commitment to burn. We are all excited about a new era with Mike at the helm, with his staff and management behind him like Caesar’s legions. (all four of us).

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Welcome to the Two Paddocks virtual fine wine store offering an easy and safe way to buy our wines and have them safely delivered to your door faster than a three armed grape picker. Wi...

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These premium wines are the ultimate expression of our special vineyard sites -- soil, slope, water and climate -- modified by the influence of the vintage, and carefully nurtured by ou...

Private Paddock

THE PRIVATE PADDOCK A club.Yes, we know it sounds ...well...kind of poncey. But we've formed a "club"! Yes, Private Paddock Club! A CLUB! For YOU! And rather exclusive, as it happens.