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A better bunch you couldn't hope to meet - Team Two Paddocks.

sam propeller


Sam Neill

Also itinerant actor. Long standing interest in wine, particularly red wine, which accounts for his rude good health. Very proud of everything about Two Paddocks, and will bore you to death on the subject if you give him a chance. Don't. Has visions of a vast Two Paddocks Empire, but is usually better the next day. Plays cricket badly, also the ukulele. Pretends to be a fly fisherman. Not related to Sam Hunt.

Sam is an active proponent of protecting and preserving New Zealand's precious natural resources and a trustee of the National Parks and Conservation Foundation.



Jacqui Murphy

An illustrious career as Prefect, Dux, and all round Sporty Spice at New Zealand’s finest School for Gels, Jacqui was easily the fittest and brainiest graduate of her year.

Too tall for the Royal NZ Ballet, and too short for the Black Ferns,  Jacqui then turned to the more exacting world of Wine.

Studied Viticulture and Oenology at Lincoln University, and remembers most of it. Never seen at parties. Then three years in gumboots for vintages in Central and France, before concentrating on Marketing. She then spent 7 years working in Australia (Cellar Masters and Tyrrells) which almost ruined her impeccable accent, but did wonders for her life-saving skills. Then back to the Long White Cloud to Akarua and Valli.

Loves Central, Two Paddocks and plays Kumbiya on the guitar. Has a naughty dog, Rupert Murdog.

Jacqui is the go-to here at HQ, and we go to her. And so should you.


Lead Winemaker

Dean Shaw

One of New Zealand's top winemakers, Dean very nearly had a career in the S.A.S.! Well, not really, we just made that up. The S.A.S. bit. See more about the hirsute and encyclopedically knowledgeable Dean in the Winemaker section. 

mike 1

Vineyard Manager

Mike Wing

Mike has been with us since 2005, working first as assistant vineyard manager and now as the head man, boss man, head honcho of horticulture. Mike knows our vineyards like the back of his capable hands, and has energy and commitment to burn. We are all excited about a new era with Mike at the helm, with his staff and management behind him like Caesar’s legions. (all four of us).


Vineyard Consultant

Larry McKenna

For the last two decades the maestro of New Zealand Pinot Noir, former Martinborough Vineyards winemaker Larry McKenna, has given us invaluable advice as consultant to Two Paddocks. He brings his expertise not only to the winery, but also to the vineyard. He is, in addition, excellent company over a good meal and a bottle or three of our excellent Pinot and we look forward to his visits down south. Now has his own Escarpment Wine - another wonderful label.



Sam William Andrew Woods

Sam has written his own bio. Here it is, uncensored. This is a first...

Grew up in rural south Canterbury on a deer farm. Ended up moving to Central for work experience during Uni and was offered a full time position in vineyard. Went back to finish last year at uni then spent the next 5 years at Felton Road. Then decided he needed to see some of the world and spent six months in Europe working in vineyards and completed two vintages. Moved to Australia for 2 1/2 years for another 2 vintages while continuing working in the vineyard. Decided to move back to Central. Keen rugby follower but still cops grief for being a Crusaders supporter even after living in central for 10 years. Lover of the outdoors.

Well that’s the official version -- Sam omits that he is a Squash tragic (as in the racquet racket) and has lost more games than you have had hot dinners. Resident of Cromwell, and house prices have halved on his street since he moved in. Known to the police. Very well dressed, but even a three piece suit (see elsewhere on this site) cannot attract a girlfriend. Lower the bar girls – he’s a good guy!