Wine Club


A club.

Yes, we know it sounds ...well...kind of poncey.
But for a multitude of reasons, we’ve decided to rationalise our present rather random visit program, as well as our on-line business, and instead form a sort of club.
Yes, a club! A CLUB! For YOU! And rather exclusive, as it happens.

  • It’s a wine club, that will give you access to our Clubhouse (which used to be our cellar door, but which will now only be available to our club members). 
    We will have Clubhouse visits, wine tasting, and vineyard/farm tours initially three times a week. You can say hello to our vineyard pigs, cows, sheep, chooks (Meryl Streep for instance, the world’s finest acting chicken) and the odd vineyard employee. Who are almost always odd. In a good way. 
    You can see for yourself the bounteous bio-diversity of our organically farmed Red-bank farm H.Q. And our NZ art collection.
  • It will give you invitations to special Private Paddock events – the occasional dinner, harvest picnics and so on.
  • It will allow you to say hello to the Prop when he’s around. Wait, that’s probably not a benefit as such, now we think of it. And Graham Norton. The cow.
  • You’ll get news letters and the occasional musing missive from that internationally famed writer and blogger Sam Neill twice a year. Oh hang on, maybe we exaggerated that slightly. The famed writer bit... Okay, we admit, that’s a gross exaggeration.
  • First access to new vintage releases, museum wines and highly awarded wines.
  • And discounts on further wine purchases.
  • Also a complimentary bottle of organically grown Two Paddocks Lavender Oil.
  • Visitations and Private Paddock privileges are redeemable upon receipt of payment of your first wine club allocation.

We want you to see you here at Two Paddocks. And we want you to feel you belong here as one of our valued members. As part of our Paddock. So, join up.


12 bottles twice annually
15 bottles twice annually


  • Complimentary Visit to Red Bank Farm & Club House for the member and 3 guests (by prior appointment - one visit per year).
  • ‘Letter From the Proprietor to the Private Paddock Membership' and Tasting / Cellaring Notes.
  • Complimentary bottle of (15ml) Two Paddocks organic Lavender Oil (sorry due to international postal restrictions - New Zealand only).
  • Complimentary Two Paddocks organic Lavender Soap to our international friends
  • First access to new vintage releases.
  • First access to Trophy Winning / Highly Endorsed / limited availability (rare) and older Museum wines.
  • Invitation to Private Paddock Membership Events.
  • Up to 20% savings on additional wine purchases.

Existing Customers

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The Fine Print:

  • Private Paddock Wine Club Membership officially commences upon the dispatch of the Member's first case of wine.
  • Visitation rights (to Two Paddocks Red Bank Farm & Vineyard) and privileges commence as soon as the membership is official (by appointment only).  Please contact our Majordomo Viggi to pre-book your tour and tasting ([email protected]).
  • The Private Paddock Wine Club will be limited to a maximum of 500 members.  Membership of the Private Paddock is FREE but you will need to commit to maintaining your membership for the minimum period of one year - i.e.: two shipments. After one year if you decide you no longer wish to be a member you may cancel your membership.  Please advise in writing at least two weeks prior to a shipment.
  • Private Paddock Wine Club members will receive two shipments of wine per year, in Spring (September) and Autumn (March).
  • The Private Paddock Wine Club orders will be priced in New Zealand $ (dollars) and will include New Zealand GST (Goods and Services Tax).
  • International Private Paddock Members will be shipped 15 bottles rather than 12 as a result of international shipping boxes being a standardised 15 x 750ml bottle size. If you prefer to only receive 12 bottles and 3 empty spaces, please just let us know and this can be accommodated.
  • Free delivery within New Zealand for full case orders (12x750ml).  A courier charge of $12 for orders under 12 bottles will apply.
  • New Zealand orders will be dispatched within two working days of credit card funds being authorised.  Delivery is via courier and may take 5 to 7 working days for delivery.
  • For delivery outside New Zealand please contact us by email at [email protected] or phone +64 3 449 2756.


1. It will not be this kind of clubwc dancing
But dancing is encouraged anyway. Particularly in the orchard.

2. There will be no dress codewc tophats
But you may dress in Morning Suits if you wish.
Jandals optional, but frowned upon.

3. There will be no Reading Room as such.
wc library
But we plan to build one by 2042.

4. The main rule will be as follows:
This is a club with NO rules.

5. With this exception -  The Prop will be President for Life.
He should be addressed as El Presidenté at formal occasions.

6. Club Greeting 
   There will be a secret code word between members 
   [a little like the Freemason's Handshake] 
   You will know other members wherever you are in the world when they utter the following Top Secret Word 
   “ CHEERS ! "
wc cheers

Now you know the secret code – destroy this information immediately