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Top Ten Tunes

Felix McIntosh

DJ / Goalie / Grandson

Tonight Ladies and Gentlemen - a surprise in the TP Day-Glo Disco… a DJ who is in fact a REAL DJ . Felix McIntosh no less . Of Dunedin fame . Yeah , not just a DJ (Drum 'N’ Bass in the main), but ALSO a gun hockey player . He played in goal for Otago this year , and Otago won the Provincial Champs for the first time in their history ! Bravo Otago, Bravo Felix ! He also plays for New Zealand Maori ! Amazing ! Yep , he is THE hot , up-and-coming goalie in NZ; watch this space . He’s also (note of pride here) the Prop’s grandson ! But that’s not why he’s DJ tonight - it’s because , if you are under … say 30… he will make you dance like a demon . So, on the floor , all of youse and put your hands together , your feet in the air , and your arms anywhere you like for tonights Day-Glo DJ, the hot-as funkster - FELIX !

1. Shut Up - Black Eyed Peas

As well as having an immaculate discography throughout the Fergie years, Shut Up has one of the great song intro and use of breakdowns I've heard.

2. Touch - Hybrid Minds

One of the great drum and bass tunes, the hook and the lyrics are accompanied by a mystical drop and satisfying drums. A great song for anyone who is getting into drum and bass

3. Back to Black - Amy Winehouse

Immaculate vocals, touches on a lot of personal issues that people go through, while also being catchy and having a great vocal range.

4. Brother's Gonna Work It Out - Wilie Hutch

Great buildup, great lyrics, its a journey of a song, great vocals throughout

5. Acid Generation - Grafix

Doubles with anything, great drums, a great compliment to most songs, a great song to be used as a 2nd song in a double.

6. Whip Slap II - Dimension

A song that brings energy to the crowd when you need it, great way to raise the bpm, and get people moving.

7. Not Many - Scribe

In terms of great New Zealand rappers, Scribe sits alone, as a fellow Crusader Not Many is an anthem, great lyrics and an awesome live song.

8. Blackbird - Fat Freddy's Drop

It's Fat Freddy's, need I say more?

9. Distance (ft. Geoffroy) [Buunshin Remix] - Apashe

Awesome buildup with an awesome lyric, the drop is pure heat, hard song to mix but really gets the crowd involved when played. Drum and bass Anthem.

10. Get Free - Major Lazer

This song holds personal meaning, one of the first songs to speak to me properly, always a banger, love it forever.

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