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Top Ten Tunes

Bryce Dallas Howard


DJ number 100 in the House ! BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD ! Wild cheering … thank you ! Thank you Bryce ! As promised , as our Centennial DJ , the utterly brilliant B.D.H.

Denizens of the Day-Glo - a treat indeed . Now , of course you’ve seen her Terminator-ing and Spider Man-ing and Twilight Saga-ing , but it’s from none other than the JURASSIC world that you love her - and so do we .

What a marvellous, warm , grounded human bean - a pleasure to know and a privilege to work with . Here’s the other stuff we loved seeing her in -
1 - The Help .
2 - Playing Elton Johns mum in Rocketman and best of all ,
3 - In her episode of Black Mirror - one of the bravest bravura performances we’ve ever seen on screen. Check it out .

But that’s not why she’s here today, in the Day-Glo - she is here to ROCK YOUR WORLD ! And here’s her DJ Top 10 . Speaking of 100 DJs : don’t forget to access people like Henry Golding, Imogen Poots, Jimmy Barnes , Temuera Morrison and Tim Finn .

Here is what you do

1 - You go to Spotify
2 - Type in Two Paddocks Day-Glo Disco - Top Ten Playlists

Dancing shoes on y’all . Get out on the Pulsating Day-Glo Dancefloor and put your sweaty hands together for BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD !

Narrowing down to a list of 10 sent me onto an existential spiral. My remedy (other than avoid the assignment) was to pick favorite songs from different times in my life. Whenever one of these songs play on the radio it always brings up fond memories. Whether it’s my wedding song (Amelie), Sufjan Stevens who I was so lucky to work with on the first feature I produced over a decade ago, or my favorite musician from high school - Ben Lee! Hope these bring a smile to your face:) Hope you enjoy!

2. As Time Goes By - Bryan Ferry

3. Moon River - Louis Armstrong

4. Us - Regina Spektor

5. Twice - Little Dragon

6. Skinny Love - Bon Iver

7. Forever Young - Alphaville

8. Mad World - Gary Jules, Michael Andrews

10. Sabali - Amadou & Mariam

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