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Top Ten Tunes

Tim Spall


Thespian. (And retired Two Paddocks ram.)

Ladies and Gentlemen! Two Paddocks proudly presents, here in the Dayglo Disco, on the turntables and occasionally the vibraphone, not just perhaps England's Finest Actor, but also its most persistent! Star of the Potter flicks, Pierrepoint, The King's Speech, The Damned United, most of Tim Burton's films and many of Mike Leigh's and ... and ... oh stuff it ... pretty much half of all movies made since 1980, in fact! As if that wasn't bad enough, he and Mrs Spall are heroically circling Britain in a barge: "At Sea" - 40 lashes if you haven't been watching it on the Beeb ... So here he is, Captain Pugwash himself, the splendid and completely unique Two Paddocks pal ... TIMOTHY SPALL

Tim's choices, from Radio Matilda, with comments from him included.

  1. Mary's Prayer - Danny Wilson

    I love the tune and the lyrics and it reminds me of Sunday lunches when the kids were growing up. Lots of food and we all danced.

  2. Don't Let Me Down and Down - David Bowie

    No sentimental association with the lyrics, but a beautiful song, beautifully sang, with Bowie's voice at the most resonant. A criminally underestimated

  3. Case of You - Joni Mitchell

    Joni like the wine she sings about is in vintage voice, a ballad about a love lost.

  4. What a Fool Believes - The Doobie Brothers

    Michael Mc Donald's voice inhabits another great ballad about lost love and the foolish mistakes that lead to the demise of something that was once great and shared.

  5. All the Single Ladies - Beyonce

    Sexy, sassy with an irresistible beat, I defy anyone not to dance when it's played. A song about strong independent women saying men should commit to them if they have balls.

  6. Win - David Bowie

    Another Bowie classic, which manages to celebrate in a humble way, the desire to triumph.

  7. At The River - Groove Armada

    Makes you think about glorious places, more effective in the pursuit of relaxation than a strong valium.

  8. April Showers - Al Jolson

    Jolson after a long gap and ten years in the wilderness, came back to record this, his voice an octave lower, his microphone technic superb, even though sentimental this rendition has never been bettered.

  9. Sigh No More - Mumford and Sons

    A wonderfully poignant and simple love song, performed by this new band, a mixture of indie rock and rustic English country music. The lead singer's voice is exquisite.

  10. The Dog Days are Over - Florence and the Machine

    A passionately sung song, obviously personal to this new young song writer. A rites of passage, a journey, painfully experienced, but successfully overcome, I defy you not to dance to it!

Not just a great song list, but fab notes, and as is the intent of the Disco, we now know more about the protaganist than we did before.

The Proprietor has (what good fortune) seen Capt. Spall dance to more than one of these numbers, and let it be said, the man is light on his feet. If he asks you for a dance, our advice is -- seize the day. In the TP Disco!

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