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Tim Evans

Negociants Australia

Ladies and Gentlemen! Attention please on the Dayglo floor. (Speaking of which, we know the flashing lights have been going a little strange this week, triggering migraines and one or two petits mals apologies, but Boris the electrician has been on some kind of vodka all week sent from whatever Balkan country where we found him. Not pretty). No, say what you like about Australia (and many things have been said ... e.g. God's own country, a fly cemetery, a den of cricket cheats, the greatest little country on Earth, you beauty and so on), we love it here at HQ, and we love Australians as well.

And part of our mission at TPHQ has always been to bring Two Paddocks to as much of The Lucky Country as we can. They love a top drop, even in Alice Springs and believe me you need a top drop in Alice Springs!

And we realized very early we wanted to work with the best, to bring the best to The Best. We have been with Negociants Australia from the beginning; they, like us, are a family-owned company (their family has been at it slightly longer than us the Smiths founded Yalumba, the parent company, 160 years ago, the Neill's started purveying wine in Otago 150 years ago) and they are dedicated to premium wines, just as we are.

So Our Man at Negociants, Our Man in Australia, Imported Wines National Sales Manager, Tim Evans, a good friend of us here at Two Paddocks, has been crucial in this critical mission.

An Adeleide man through and through which means he has an accent so refined he could be mistaken for a Kiwi! Tim is a Crows fan (no we can't explain that, some weird rugby deviate game they play there AFL). Tim is about the most laid-back bloke we have ever met in a country where Laid-Back is an art form and a national pastime. He has been at Negociants 15 years, only slightly longer than us...he is married to the splendid Danni who also has a wine background, two kids, loves cars, fine barbequer in short top bloke at a top firm.

Here he is now, one of our favourite of all Australians, and a credit to the world of wine merchants ... the one and only, the entirely likeable, the urbane and charming , all-dancing, all-singing, all-imbibing ... Mr Sociable himself ... Mr Tim Evans!

  1. Viva la Vida - Cold Play

    Great band and lyrics. I rule the

  2. Teardrop - Massive Attack

    One of the classics from Massive and it takes me back to the old days of working at Odd Bins in the UK.

  3. If I Know You - The Presets

    One cannot decide as there is so many great songs from their second album. (Apocalypso)

  4. Man With The Red Face - Mark Knight & Funkagenda

    Awesome piece of music, saxophone and vibe!

  5. Someone Like You - Adele

    Beautiful vocals and just a beautiful piece of music

  6. Lift Me Up - Moby

    How could you not love this song!

  7. Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up) - Florence & The Machine

    Love it, but what are they doing in the video.

  8. Blue Jeans - Lana Del Rey

    A very new find and one that I just keep going back to. Her film clips are also a must view also!

  9. Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve

    One of the great 90's bands out of the UK, lyrics and the violins what a symphony.

  10. God is a DJ - Faithless

    You have to turn this one up ... and it takes you back to the younger years.

Jacqui Murphy , TP Manager gives thanks to Tim...

Bravo and let's all have a massive thigh slapping, feet stamping, heart racing, back clapping, table thumping round of polite applause for the dry witted and delightful Tim Evans.

We're surrounded by gold-mining tailings here in Central Otago from the days when thousands of men, many of them our Aussie cousins, toiled to dredge their fortunes out of the ground. The Proprietor's family were also here then - supplying these thirsty men with liquid refreshments, so it seems fitting that 150 years later The Prop is himself working hard to produce fine liquid refreshments (read Pinot Noir) and thankfully there is just enough to send some back across the Tasman. Anyone in the wine industry will tell you that it is a privilege to be working the team at Negociants Australia and we look forward to seeing them back here at Two Paddocks soon. Ladies and Gentleman, goodbye and good drinking from the most Southern vineyard region in the world at TPHQ. JM

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