Tim and Marie Finn

Tim and Marie Finn - Musicians

Special Members of the TP Team

Ladies & Gentlemen! Tonight in the Two Paddocks Disco Inferno! Our very good Two Paddocks Friends! Live and Raving! In the House! In the Groove! You asked for them! You gott 'em! They've been on the Two Paddocks programme for years! She's pretty! And he's ...well, not. And here they are! Put them together now! Applause, please! Tim ... and Marie ... FINN!!!

Top Ten for a Roadtrip:

Top 9 Tunes

  1. This Time Tomorrow - The Kinks

  2. Soul Connection - Diplomats of Solid Sound

  3. So Much Love - Dusty Springfield

  4. Don't Look Back - Teenage Fanclub

  5. Long Promised Road - Beach Boys

  6. Portland Oregon - Loretta Lynn and Jack White (Everyone belting out …"and a pitcher to go")

  7. Sometimes Always - The Jesus and Mary Chain

  8. Ooh La La - The Faces

Very cool. We love it. And a big thanks to Tim Finn, who always plays for Two Paddocks whenever we ask.