Sean Moran

Sean Moran - Chef, gardener, restauranter & DJ

Chef, gardener, restauranter, and Special Guest DJ, exclusive and live from Bondi Beach!

Ladies and Gentlemen! One of the World's Great Chefs, and one of the World's Worst Singers! Sean Moran!

Yes, it's Seany himself from Sean's Panaroma, probably our favourite joint, down at Bondi, Sydney, very cheerful, far from cheap, but worth every razoo and more! Don't ask the Prop to get you a table there ... he wants it for himself! Sean sings as he cooks, the food is heavenly, but ... well, the voice ... s crank it loud, drown the singalong, and get in the Groove ... with SEAN MORAN!

Top 10 Tunes

  1. I'm Your Man - Leonard Cohen

  2. Come In From the Cold - Joni Mitchell

  3. Love and Affection - Joan Armitrading

  4. Harvest - Neil Young

  5. Talkin Bout a Revolution - Tracy Chapman

  6. If Not for You - Bob Dylan

  7. Nick of Time - Bonnie Raitt

  8. Signed, Sealed, Delivered - Stevie Wonder

  9. Perfect Day - Lou Reed

  10. Young Americans - David Bowie


P.S I'm a pretty bad singer, but it never stops me.


Lots of time tested beauties there, most of which the Prop has heard Sean butcher at one time or another.

As a footnote, another sensible reason to book ahead for Sean's is that you can get Two Paddocks Picnic by the glass with their fantastic fresh and succulent tucker. Try the school prawns if they are on, and the chook -- mmm mmm mmm.