Mamoudou Athie

Mamoudou Athie - Actor

Ladies and gentlemen, Denizens of the Night, Demons of the Dayglo Disco and Dancers in the Dark!


Tonight we have the great pleasure of ushering to the stage, one of the hottest young actors around. He’s also a good friend of The Prop, which is how we got him for the night for a fraction of his normal fee.  A fabulous actor, one big hunk of a handsome dude and a lovely fellow to boot.  He is, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you MAMOUDOU ATHIE. 


You will remember him as the scene-stealer in Jurassic World Dominion (damn it ) but also you may well have seen him in the Netflix Horror series Archive 81 (not for the faint hearted). 


In short we love him.  His Top 10 is faultless and really interesting.  So here he is. Put your dancing shoes back on right now and get out there on the floor - our friend, your friend - tonight’s Day Glo Disco King Mamoudou Athie !!


Top 10 Tunes

  1. Debaser - Pixies

    First concert I chose to go to back in high school years, my love for the Pixies goes deep. What an album, and what an opening track. I had to put it on now, it's so good! What energy!

  2. Last Dinosaur - The Pillows

    Introduced to the pillows via the magic of FLCL (iykyk!) and was immediately obsessed, to the point I took a Greyhound from Maryland to Chicago Illinois to see them in concert, again, back in high school. Trip was rough but changed my life and this band did NOT disappoint!

  3. Heroes - David Bowie

    What a song. What an artist. I just love it so much, the hope in this song is palpable and so moving.

  4. Hard to Explain - The Strokes

    I may have played this song 90 times in a row once. May have. Maybe just shy of 90 but the point is I love this song. Again a song and band that was an obsession in my high school years, and saw them a few months ago for the first time in concert and they were INCREDIBLE.

  5. The Real Folk Blues - Yoko Kanno

    Just an incredible song, by a brilliant composer. Doesn't get more perfect for a neo noir/sci fi/western anime set in future.

  6. Sir Duke - Stevie Wonder

    Stevie Wonder is incredible. If you haven't seen him live, he may sound even better live if this is possible. Seriously. What a happy song! :)

  7. True Love - Mickey Theis

    One of my favorite people in the whole world happens to be a brilliant actor and musician, and his album Range Songs is regularly played in my car, on a plane, while riding my bike. It means the most to me when people mean it, and Mickey always means it.

  8. Family Tree - TV on the Radio

    A deeply moving touching song from a band that makes it’s way onto any playlist I create. Tunde Adebimpe is the real deal.

  9. Can I Kick It - A Tribe Called Quest

    Nostalgic for simpler times, gorgeous lyrics as usual from Tribe, what a wonderful song to just share with good friends and just hang out. Where you at Sam!

  10. A Certain Romance - Arctic Monkeys

    Over there there's friends of mine, what can I say, I've known em for a long long time, and they might overstep the line, you just cannot get angry in the same way.

Thanks Mamoudou, it’s a privilege to have you here on the Top 10, just as it was to work with you, and hang out all those weeks at The Langley.  


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