Liam Neeson, OBE

Liam Neeson, OBE - DJ, Acting Legend and Pinot Dude

Special Guest DJ, Acting Legend and Pinot Dude

Ladies and Gentlemen! He's here. Our friend and colleague, all the way from Ballymena via NYC (the long way), and now here, in the Two Paddocks Disco Inferno: Liam Neeson. Last time we saw him actually dancing with intent (as opposed to by accident) was at Nell's about 20 years ago, so this is MASSIVE. And here he is, taking to the turntables with all the conviction you'd expect of a true action hero. On your feet boys and girls ... you are in the presence. A big roar of applause of a man who's given more great performances than most of us have had hot breakfasts ... a lovely man and a top DJ ... it's Liam NEESON

Top 10 Tunes

  1. Danny Boy - Eva Cassidy

    Love this version and I used to sing it to my kids at bed time. It still makes me tear up whenever I hear it sung.
  2. Hyndford Street - Van Morrison

    It evokes a Belfast I remember before The Troubles.
  3. Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles

    I remember hearing it for the first time and thinking that The Beatles could do anything!
  4. The Wall - (any song) - Pink Floyd

    I'm still a Floyd guy. Seeing The Wall at Earls Court, in London in 1981 blew my mind. I was sitting with Helen Mirren. A great concert!
  5. Paris, Texas - (opening theme) - Ry Cooder

    Haunting music to a haunting film by Wenders. I listen to it regularly.
  6. Astral Weeks - (any song) - Van Morrison

    One of the great albums and Van was a local boy!
  7. Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits

    This song sort of defined the eighties for me. A classic.
  8. Greensleeves - Vaughn Williams

    Evokes pastoral England and Shakespeare somehow. Love it.
  9. Requiem - Mozart

    How do you begin to describe this incredible piece of music. Every emotion is there and then some. Awe inspiring.
  10. The Mission, opening theme - Ennio Morricone

    (The Mission trailer) - Great movie music. Wonderful fusion of high religious and native South American. Plus, I was in the movie, ha, ha, so, I'm biased.

O Jeez, Liam, wasn't expecting that. I've been tearing up here too. Lot of tracks there with personal meanings. Lotta water under the bridge ... harrumph. Okay, I'm clearing my throat, and I'm off pruning. Thanks Liam, and see you buddy.