Keith Robertson

Keith Robertson - Vineyard

Two Paddocks All Rounder and Redbank Farmster

Ladies aanndd Gentlemen! Yes, we know you are still reeling from Bob's radical DJ session, but we haven't finished with you yet! You knew it had to be ... yes, Keith, Keith, Keith ... cometh the hour, cometh the man. And yes, we know you dread Keith's selection, we see you gritting your teeth, bracing for the torture to come. But wait, while we know Keith's been round the block more than once (formerly coached the Highlanders, ran a motel in Invercargill ... a thousand life experiences, none of them remotely musical) what we DO know is that he's had the tremendously civilizing experience of working for Two Paddocks for ... what, five years, ten (feels like fifty), so who knows what he'll choose? Stockhausen? Rimsky-Korsakov? Shostakovich? Let's see! Here he is, we love him, our favourite greens man -- look he's broken into a run on the way to the sound desk -- never seen that before -- Give it up Ladies, Gents, Chickens, and Goats ... you know him, you love him, he's here with HIS music, kick back, kick forward here he is ... it's KEITH!

Top 10 Tunes

  1. Mr Tambourine Man - The Byrds

    One of the first groups I ever saw live.
  2. San Francisco - Scott McKenzie

    Our son has lived in San Francisco for the past 12 years.
  3. Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon & Garfunkel

    I just like S & G
  4. Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers

    One of THE great songs.
  5. Turn, Turn, Turn - The Byrds

    Ditto #1
  6. Graceland - Paul Simon

    First heard it in South Africa touring as coach of the Highlanders in 1996 -- two years after apartheid had finished.
  7. Like a Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan

    For what the words stand for.
  8. Substitute - The Who

    THE first and possibly the second BEST concert I have everseen. Saw it as the old Sydney Bowl -- 1968. Manfred Man and the Small Faces opened. Rod Stewart was singer for the Small Faces…
  9. Lucy in the Sky of Diamonds - The Beatles

    THE BEST concert I have ever been to.
  10. Paint it Black - The Rolling Stones

    John Lennon reckoned this is the best pop song ever written. My #10.


See, that wasn't too bad was it? Some of it was actually quite good, go on, admit it! Next week, we take you to the dentist. No painkillers.

Thanks Keith. Now, back to work! Honestly, some people think it's all song and dance around here.