George Gregan

George Gregan - Wallaby Great, Jazz Beatnik and RWC Special Invitee Two Paddocks DJ

Ladies and Gentlemen in the TP Disco! On your feet please! Tonight We of the Disco honour the Man himself! The most capped player in the
history of the great sport of Rugby Football! 139 internationals for Australia! And countless appearances representing his country in karaoke bars around the world! Yes, as the World Cup
kicks off, here he is, The World's Greatest Ever #9, Mr Cool himself ...GEORGE GREGAN!

Note -- followers of rugby, and indeed of GG's career will not be surprised that George has taken The Rules perhaps not as seriously as others, and has gone straight to the Ref, having decided he would just plump for ALBUMS rather than songs, as directed by the IRB.

Top 9 Tunes

  1. Synchronicity - Police

  2. Kind of Blue - Miles Davis

  3. Back to Black - Amy Winehouse

  4. Somethin' Else - Cannonball Adderley

  5. Under the Munka Moon - Alice Russell (links to Someday, one song on the album)

  6. Blue Lines - Massive Attack

  7. Big Calm - Morcheeba (links to Fear & Love, one song on the album)

  8. Rebirth of Cool - DJ Cam Quartet

A very very cool 10 indeed. George's stellar career meant that he spent a lot of time on planes and in hotels listening to toons, so he has it well sorted what he likes, and what he doesn't. We note that he includes one Kiwi (the great Che Fu). This may augur well for the Abs in some fashion , we don't know. All bets are off after the last two games!