Cathy Scott

Cathy Scott - Webmaster

Webmaster Classical ...which is not extremely high-brow classical, more romantic classical.

Ladies and Gentlemen! Pray silence for a moment in the TP Disco! Ssshhh ... down the back please! Security, please remove the semidressed winemaker! Thank you! NOW ... Just when you were thinking that here at Two Paddocks we were all a bunch of semi-literate, uncultured (if hardworking) oiks, here is our one and only, long serving -- and long suffering -- Webmaster, Cathy. She's savvy, well read, musical, but is still outrageously devoted to a Good Time!

Here she is, all stand please, a warm Two Paddocks Welcome to ... our own ... CATHY SCOTT!

Top 10 Tunes

  1. Simphonie Fantastique - Hector Berlioz

  2. Slavonic Dance in C Major - Anton Dvorak

  3. Asturias (Leyenda) - Isaac Albeniz

  4. Til Eulenspiegel, Op.28 - Richard Strauss

  5. Malaguena - Isaac Albeniz

  6. Cantata; Iphigenia in Brooklyn - PDQ Bach, Peter Schickele

Brava! Brava! Brava! (Cru and Prop wild applause.) Wait...what was that last one?

Webmaster's note: If you haven't discovered the hilarious Peter Schickele, check out this video with Peter and Itzhak Perlman and Boston Pops with John Williams. And Part 2.