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Top Ten Tunes

Sean Pertwee


Ladies and Gentlemen! And DC Comic Fans! And Winos all! The Dayglo is back, it's rockin', it's jivin', and Rollin' on a River!

Tonight, courtesy of The Powers That Be (don't ask) all the way from New York City, flown exclusively (Premium Economy) on our own Virtual Two Paddocks Air (DC3s to the Stars), and older and even unwiser friend, Star of Screen wide and small, Supremo of the voice over (the I-haven't-been-to-bed-for-3-days, purr-in-yer-ear Voice) yes, it's Norf London's very own, very clever, very funny, very laddish, very very fun SEAN PERTWEE! Friend of the Prop since Event Horizon all those years ago, and turned up briefly in The Tudors before getting the knife just after breakfast for goodness sake, you've seen him a hundred things (apart from those missing years on the Ashram when Guru Mamunee forbade all media and emptied your NatWest account simultaneously) - he's always nothing short of brilliant. We think he's the Real Deal down here on the farm, and most nights we empty a bottle or two on his behalf. Starring currently in Gotham, yes check it out Marvel fans, all over the world, as Alfred Pennyworth, a sorta heavy/minder/butler/childminder/nanny... Sean is lighting up the screen as always. Brilliant! So here he is, makeup just scrubbed off, direct from the set and Gotham City, Camden Town's very own, the one and only...MR SEAN PERTWEE!

Bloody hell -- selecting my top 10 -- that was really quite hard! It really depends what frame of mind your in. I went “emotive” Hope you like ... I do.

  1. The Man With The Harmonica - Ennio Morricone

    For all you spaghetti heads out there comes one of the greatest soundtracks ever made. I was lucky enough to see Morricone perform this and more at the Albert Hall. Spellbinding.

  2. Corpses In Their Mouths - Ian Brown

    Ian Brown, Nuff said ……

  3. Where Is My Mind - Pixies

    Drunken anthems we all deeply love and we nearly know all the words too...

  4. Yegelle Tezeta - Mulatu Astatke (The Story of Ethio Jazz)

    Covers all the bases for me. Dirty skank vibe, Hammond Organ, splashy drums and a screeching brass section. Head Nod supreme. Buy the Album!

  5. Best Dressed Chicken In Town - Dr. Alimantado

    Title track of my most favourite Old Skool Reggae album. My Father Jon's as well. I once watched my father dressed as Worzel Gummidge perform a 'Head Off Duel' in a scene with Billy Connolly also dressed as scarecrow, to this track, from the safety of my father's Fiat X1.9. Eye opening stuff.

  6. The Message From The Soul Sister - Myra Barnes

    Anything that James Brown touched or had a hand in influencing works for me. Emotive true Funk from the talented Ms Banks with her very large lungs.

  7. Yeah Buddy - Todd Terry

    This one goes out to all you old "Cheesy Quavers" (ravers) out there! Don your whistles, your pink fluffy boots, your smiley T's put your hands in the air for this podium stompin' Shoom ' classic.

  8. It Was A Good Day - Ice Cube

    Being a huge Hip Hop fan I struggled to select just two, but this is a true Summer classic. Roll down your windows, drop your top and blaze.

  9. Hate It Or Love It - The Game

    Again one of mine and my friends favourite Pertwee staple tunes for the summertime BBQ season. Get your 40's out and nod your head .

  10. Miserere mei Deus - Choir of Kings College Cambridge

    Without doubt one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written. I surprised myself by including this but throughout my life I have found myself revisiting this work. Through good times and bad it always evokes reflectiveness and peace.

Oh Seany, thanks pally. You the best! Ladies and Gentlemen, a big Day-Glo hand for our good friend, the great actor SEAN PERTWEE!

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