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Top Ten Tunes

Ricky Fataar


Ladies and Gentlemen! And Mark Joffe! Drum roll if you please! Tonight, by special request of the Prop, and flown First Class on Two Paddocks Virtual Airways (your pilot today ... Al Gore!), an old friend and a remarkable musician. Cutting to the chase, if it wasn't cool enough to have been the sublime Bonnie Raitt's drummer for the last thirty years, and having been a Rutle, he was (and here The Prop almost faints at the very idea) an actual, real life Beach Boy not just a member of that extraordinary band, but a member at the very height of their powers 1970- 1973, which necessarily covers those sublime albums Carl & The Passions: So Tough, Holland, and The Beach Boys Live: God in Heaven, how unbelievably cool. All of that, AND he has worked with (often as a producer) Boz Scaggs, Tim Finn, Crowded House, Renee Geyer, Delbert McClinton ... on and on, so many cool dudes. And not only is he a drummer, and one of the world's great drummers, he is also extremely handy on guitar, pedal steel and of course ukulele. Ladies and Gentlemen, our cup runneth over ... bring him up on stage if you will, a sweet man, and a powerfully sweet musician ... all the way from Durban via San Francisco and, oh, a bunch of locales ... the one and only ... Mr RICKY FATAAR!

  1. Jailhouse House Rock - Elvis Presley

    I remember being taken taken to the movies to see Jailhouse Rock....a Saturday Matinee I must have been about seven years ....When that song came on I just remember being knocked out by the drums especially the snare drum sound. I mean there up on the screen was Elvis in the hoosegow shaking a tail feather and wiggling his hips with a bunch of jailbirds but all I was interested in was this rocking band.

  2. Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison

    This is such a fun song to play drums on, but the Guitar riff kinda surfy ... pretty damn good ... how about that Ggggrrrowll by Roy in the middle .. Killer!

  3. Rip It Up - Little Richard

    Earl Palmer on the drums I mean that's grease in the pan right there! And it's hot and spitting...

  4. Let's Get It On - Marvin Gaye

    James Gadson on the drums when this record came out I played it over and over again. What a slinky groove with all the fills in the right places.

  5. Let's Stay Together - Al Green

    I think there are two drummers on this cut Howard Grimes and the great Al Jackson Jr. who co-wrote the song with Willie Mitchell and Al Green. Monster cool groove influenced me for sure listen to Nick of Time by Bonnie Raitt.

  6. Say I Love You - Eddie Grant

    I fell in love with this song when I spent some time in the Caribbean with Eddie Grant. Love that Caribbean groove. Got it to Renee Geyer and co-produced the song with Rob Fraboni. Gave Renee a smash hit down-under and landed me more gigs as a record producer. Tim Finn heard it on the radio and said I want to work with that drummer!

  7. I Want to Hold Your Hand - The Beatles

    Of course I have to include The Beatles. Teenage excitement. I get high I get high

  8. You Can't Always Get What You Want - The Rolling Stones

    Even though it's not Charlie Watts on drums. If I could say Epic with a Kiwi accent that would describe this cut.

  9. Sail on Sailor - The Beach Boys

    I have no idea what the song is about but it's such a weird combination of elements. the Beach Boys vocalising on a 6/8 Shuffle Groove, Blondie Chaplin's soulful voice ... synthesiser sounds, pedal steel guitar. We couldn't get Brian to come down when we cut the track but I remember Carl on the phone with Brian... Brian asked Carl to play a guitar riff that sounded like a S.O.S. signal. Wacky stuff but nice. Having Brian in the studio dishing out the background parts totally cool totally together.

  10. Trenchtown Rock - Bob Marley and the Wailers

    That groove can make anybody dig a Problem Mon!


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