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Rhys Darby

Comedian, Actor

Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome back to the Dayglo. Tonight is cocktail night, as always, on this night of the week. But sadly, we don't have any. Dan, the barman, has resigned. On Doctor's advice. Tonight's guest is way too funny for Dan's dodgy ticker, and we weren't willing to take the risk. So it's top shelf Two Paddocks or nothing. And no, we are not yet in Colorado or Oregon, so weed is out too, even if you're Dan who knows a friendly Doctor.

But we are indeed fortunate tonight - to welcome as guest DJ a Living New Zillund National Treasure (well he would be if we valued the Arts at all in NZ), and one of the world's funniest people. You grew to love him as Murray, the Flight of the Concords' ghastly Manager Murray on the telly, you've seen him kill on stage at standup, you know him from Short Poppies (his own show), Yes Man with Jim Carrey, The Boat that Rocked, What We Do in the Shadows, you may have put your life on the line serving with him in the NZ Army back in the day, and ... ah dammit you don't need me to tell you what all else. You do? Too late -- Rhys is movin' and agroovin' already. And look -- added bonus, his Hair matches the settees in our Dayglo Booths! (these booths by the way cost thousands of extra bucks unless you are VIPs. But then, you are ALL VIPs in the Dayglo.)

Ladies and Gents, Dayglo Demons and Denizens, an enormous Dayglo welcome please (switch on the Glo-Sticks now) for our friend the irrepressible, the hilarious, the magnificent, the ginger, the ex army, the lovely, the Boy from the Naki...put yo' hands in the Air for MR RHYS Darby!


Here is my top 10 list... in no specific order.

My yearning and love for certain tracks comes and goes like the four seasons. Take the four seasons for example. I like them but not every day, maybe once a year. Yes I could probably listen to the four seasons in one day. Actually, Crowded House isn't on my list. Oh well, I should point out that I love Crowded House. I mean it would be unpatriotic not to. What follows is a list of music that over the years has either inspired me to rock my own audiences from the stage or simply to just love life and laugh along the way...

  1. Flash - Queen

    I'm a big Flash Gordon fan, and I'm a big Queen fan so naturally I love the epicness (not a word) of those two worlds colliding. I agreed to a movie role once simply because there was a scene in it that involved me in a spacesuit walking over a smokey bridge triumphantly to this song.

  2. Last Nite - The Strokes

    This was my 'walk-on' music for many of my standup comedy appearances in the early 2000's. I love The Strokes, they're a very cool band. Their music oozes cool. I nearly bought a Triumph motorbike the other day but the wife caught me, so I settled for a leather cheese cutter.

  3. Gold Halo - The Datsuns

    Did I mention I love rock n roll? It doesn't get any more rock n roll than our very own New Zealand band The Datsuns. My friends and I were a little obsessed with these guys close on ten years ago now. I still rock out to there music on a regular basis. This awesome track is from their album Death Rattle Boogie.

  4. Walk Idiot Walk - The Hives

    Once again it's rock n roll in its finest form. The Hives were another obsession of mine back in the day. I even formed by own rock band called The Bee Hives. It was a tribute band to these guys. We didn't play any songs, just wore similar outfits (black shirts with white ties) and hung out in Edinburgh pubs in 2004. I like to think we created a bit of buzz.

  5. Mutha Uckers - Flight of the Conchords

    I love Flight of the Conchords and was probably their biggest fan before I became their fictional manager on the HBO TV series. I love all their songs so it's hard to pick a favourite. I love this song because its fantastically silly rap. When I hear this song it reminds me of New York and the freezing cold weather that the boys were in when they shot the music video for the episode. Brrrrrrr!!

  6. Weird Nature - Hedluv and Passman

    Talking about rap, I met Hedluv and Passman in 2012 at the mighty Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I fell in love with their infectious grooves and crazy dance moves instantly. I saw their show more times than I can count (3 times) and then hilariously ended up managing their career the following year. I brought them back to New Zealand with me and we toured together in 2013/2014.

  7. Robot Rock - Daft Punk

    I love robots and I love Daft Punk. Once again two of my loves have collided! I've used this song a few times as walk-on music as you can imagine. I think I bought this single without even listening to it, yes, completely based on the title. I do that a lot. I also have a tendency to judge books by their covers.

  8. White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane

    Ahh, my old drug hazed army days. I didn't really do drugs but I was in the New Zealand army. I've always loved this song since hearing it in the Platoon movie. I was obsessed with Vietnam war films in the 1990s. I think that's why I joined up myself. I was hoping to liberate p.o.w. camps in war-torn countries... Unfortunately the only thing I rescued in New Zealand were sheep stuck in the snow.

  9. Heart Shaped Box - Nirvana

    So big on Nirvana in the 90's. I mean who wasn't right? I had no idea what Kurt was rambling on about in the lyrics but it sounded cool. I remember thinking at the time that I was just like him, a tortured soul that needed to shout loudly and wear old shirts. Man he was cool, until he killed himself. I went off him a bit after that.

  10. Sit on my Face - Monty Python

    Since childhood I've been an obsessed Python fan. They taught me everything and I really wanted to be one of them. My comedy was inspired by their silliness. My own style of standup is really a kind of one-man sketch team. I never thought I'd ever see them live and then, suddenly out of the blue they announced a series of comeback shows in London last year. Wow. I got to see my idols twice! I even took my son, the lucky little boy.

Thank you Rhys. And ... when will we work together again? Three times already - woohoo! Always a pleasure mon ami.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN...Mr RHYS DARBY! (Massive cheers all round)

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