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Peter and Margaret Lehmann


Vignerons (Peter Lehmann Wines)

Ladies and Gentlemen! Settle down at the back, we know you are excited about tonight's DJs, and why wouldn't you be, and as a lot of you are Australian, it's going to get noisy ... BUT we have, very unusually for the Dayglo, some cultured people playing their grooves live and ... yes, I said CULTURED ... (blimey, some of the sorts Security are letting through lately) ... so a bit of bloody HUSH would be in order. Yes, that means you too.

Kev ... thank you!

So, tonight, flown in by Two Paddocks Virtual Airways First Class (The kind of service you can only fantasize about when you are on B.A.) two people we love and admire here at TPHQ more than we can say ... yes the familiar avuncular presence on my right is of course the one and only Peter Lehmann, widely known as the Baron Of Barossa ... an awkward sobriquet we admit given Peter and Margaret's firmly lefty inclinations, but one that indicates just a fraction of the mana and affection with which he is held in that beautiful corner of Australia, in the Australian wine world, and of course here at TPHQ, where he is held in awe and spoken about in hushed tones. We like to gather around the TP fire at night and tell stories of how Peter virtually singlehandedly and heroically risked all to save the wine growers of Barossa in the late 70s, early 80s, and at the same time chancing his arm, and leg too, in setting up the distinguished firm of Peter Lehmann, makers of some of the world's greatest Shiraz, Riesling and Semillon. Respect!

And on my left, one of The Great Women, and unquestionably a Great Australian ... the irrepressible, the hilarious, the socially committed, the fascinating, the hospitable, the outrageous, the thrillingly subversive, the other half of a great partnership ... the wonderful Margaret Lehmann.

Here they are, making their way up to the stage, about the best damn couple we know ... a big warm welcome for the amazing Peter and Margaret Lehmann!!

  1. St Cecilia Mass - First has to be Charles Gounod's because that's the first record Peter bought for us!

  2. The Marriage of Figaro - All of Mozart's Operas. But if you are going to be a meanie and say they can't count as one then it has to be , the Bryn Terfel, Cecilia Bartoli and Renee Fleming version is stunning.

  3. The Drover's Boy - Ted Egan's Ballads , The Last of the Packhorse Bagmen, She's Australian sung by Ted with his Fosterphone providing musical accompaniment. The Fosterphone is an empty beer carton! They are deceptively simple and have been known to bring a tear to the eye.

  4. Song to the Moon - (from the opera Rusalka) - Antonin Dvorak. The mermaid Rusalka's beautiful aria to the moon.

  5. Chants d'Auvergne - Joseph Marie Canteloube

  6. Dust of Uruzgan - Another balladeer, Fred Smith's . Fred is an Australian diplomat who was posted to Afghanistan and these songs give the best insight into that sad, sad place.

  7. Coventry Carol - because Christmas is on the way and that is the most beautiful of all.

  8. Carmina Burana - Carl Orff's because it is outrageous.

  9. Cantilena Pacifica - Richard Meale's . A most beautiful elegiac work.

Thanks so much you two. Such unalloyed beauty on this list. If you are a Top 10 follower, you will know that occasionally we ask as guests winemakers from other vineyards for whom we have a particular affection, and the Prop was lucky enough to get to know these two (having already been a longstanding admirer of Peter's wines) while judging wine in Hong Kong a few years ago ... an immensely amusing and enlightening week, where, for instance, having cigarettes outside the Mandarin with two of the driest wits we know will be something we will never forget (none of us smoke now, but that's another story).

Anyway, what luck to have them here in the Dayglo, and cheers and good health you two. Give it up once more for our beautiful friends Peter and Margaret Lehmann!

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