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Top Ten Tunes

Noah Taylor


Ladies and Gentlemen, and other Lounge Lowlife! Denizens of the Dayglo! Lushes De Luxe, Layabouts and the Lachrymose! In the House tonight...our friend and colleague, the wonderful and definitively accomplished actor, musician and cultural icon...Mr NOAH TAYLOR!

Most recently, you know him from Game of Thrones (Locke), and of course in our own Peaky Blinders as the astonishing London Italian gangster Sabini -- and how feckin' good is he in that, we ask? But those of you with any kind of memory at all will have his debut seared in the frontal lobe area of the noggin (if you still have one) in the great The Year My Voice Broke. And we all thought, here at TPHQ, he really should have had a co-share of the Oscar, with GR, for playing the young Helfgott in Shine. But life's like that, ain't it folks? We also liked him in He Died with a Falafel in his Hand and The Life Aquatic. And a heap of others, but that's another story. Here he is -- a very good guy, who can play bad guys supremely well. Good citizen of both England and Australia. And oh, did we mention he's a very accomplished painter? No? Well now we have…

Ladies and Gents (downstairs at the back), we have the greatest pleasure in introducing, flown direct, coach, on TP Virtual Airways, a big Dayglo hand if you please for the top notch, top drawer, top hole ...MR NOAH TAYLOR!!!

  1. European Son - Velvet Underground

    Beautiful chaos, a maelstrom of feedback and amphetamine delirium that somehow remains very catchy and groovy. Also features the sound of a toilet being flushed and smashed. Joy.

  2. The Red Telephone - Love

    "Sitting on a hillside watching all the people die...." Sixties L.A. creepy crawley magik and mystery on a lush bed of strings...All you need is Love and I don't mean those overrated Mersey muppets.

  3. Sanctus - The Electric Prunes

    So you like a good high mass in Latin and you like a nice big freaky fuzz tone guitar, if only someone could combine the two.... Well, they did, and this is off that effort, The Electric Prunes Mass in F minor. A ripper.

  4. Bring Me The Head Of Paul McCartney On Heather Mills Wooden Leg - The Brian Jonestown Massacre

    Worth it for the title alone, Anton Newcombe may be a provocateur and possibly certified nut job, but what musical geniuses aren't? BJM get my vote for the most consistently interesting and wonderful band of the last twenty years.Except for maybe these next chaps....

  5. Sue's Last Ride - The Dirty Three

    A band without comparison, beyond description, They don't use words and I'm trying not too... Check em out.. The best Jerry, the best.

  6. Je T'aime Mon Non Plus - Serge Gainsbourg

    Get your Gaelic sex hat on with this tasty treat from Frances leading singer songwriter and all round naughty boy, originally recorded with and as an ode to and for his mistress Bridget Bardot, but eventually released with vocals by his then wife Jane Birkin. It's rude, it's sexy, it's oh so very pretty.

  7. Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap) - AC/ DC

    High school head sexually harassing you? Your old lady a pain? Give Bon and the boys a call on 36 24 36 and they'll be happy to sort it out for you, dynamite, cyanide, they got it all.

  8. Penetration - Iggy & The Stooges

    Sleazy and powerful. Respect.

  9. I Remember A Time - The Dirty Three

    This band is so good they get two mentions, in fact it wouldn't be unjustified to have the whole top ten filled exclusively by these fellas. Go Wazza, Mick and Jim.

  10. She's Like Heroin To Me - The Gun Club

    Haunted desperate rock n roll from Jeffrey Lee Pierce and the gang, listen to on vinyl (this goes for all the tracks listed) belt down a couple of glasses of whatever tickles your fancy, dance round and kick out some windows. Preferably in someone else's house. Yeehaw.

Thanks Noah, great song list, and good to see you in the Dayglo -- we don't see nearly enough of you. Come back soon, give yourself a break from coastal Sussex, and lively up the Dayglo anytime, my man!

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