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Mandy McElhinney


Ladies and Gentlemen, Dismal Denizens of the Dayglo, Lowly Creatures of the Night, Fevered UnFettered Festering Fools of the Twilit World of Clubland -- I give you, the glorious, the glamorous, the glistening ... oh Lord, how our guest tonight is wasted, WASTED on you lot ... never mind, we are nothing if not charitable here in The World of Wine's Number One, Ichiban, foremost Virtual Bebop Establishment ... we present the formidably talented, sublimely delicious, delightfully droll, utterly gorgeous Australian star of screen and stage, the unique (well, near as hell unique -- her sister Hayley is right up there too) MANDY McELHINNEY! Fresh from her outrageous success playing Gina Rinehart with breathtaking precision in The House of Hancock (with the Prop -- and hardly a scar to show for it - and upcoming Dayglo Dayglo DJ Guest Peta Sergeant). You also know Mandy from Howzat! Kerry Packer's War (she was wonderful - Logie) and Magazine Wars (scary), but most of all (who knew, we didn't) all Australia love her as Aami's Rhonda. And we do too of course. Anyway, long story short, she's GREAT! As if you didn't know. If you were lucky enough to see House of Hancock, you know of what we speak -- she as Gina knocked it out of the goddamn park! So look, you are really and truly, if only virtually, privileged to be with her tonight, right here in the dingy Dayglo to have her on the turntables -- give it up, if you will for the entirely fab, the utterly divine Ms MANDY McELHINNEY!

  1. Rocky Road to Dublin - The Clancy Brothers

    The cover art for this album, I recall, was 4 men in Aran sweaters, around a fireplace, Guinness glasses in their hands and a title something along the lines of Songs of Drinking and Rebellion. This pretty much sums up my memories of my Irish father and his Scottish best buddy, drinking and singing into the wee hours. These nights forged my love of a tipsy sing along.

  2. A Change Is Gonna Come - Same Cooke

    A song that never fails to give me goose bumps. It was written in the same year that Martin Luther King won the Nobel Peace Prize and was inspired by Sam Cooke being refused entry to a hotel based on the colour of his skin. I love Otis Redding's soul version of it's just about perfect this song.

  3. Oh Yoko - John Lennon

    The Beatles were a big deal in our house and the death of this man was mourned bitterly. I just love the John and Yoko story. They were so committed to each other in a very beautiful way. They were so kooky and creative and they wanted to change the world with love ... this is such a joyful song about loving someone.

  4. What a Little Moonlight Can Do - Billie Holiday

    My 5-year-old niece goes all goo goo eyed and calls this 'marrying music'. No matter what I'm doing, there is always time for Billie (and my niece)…she is deep, deep in my heart.

  5. Gloria - Patti Smith

    My Dad used to play this on the guitar. I could really pick any song from Ms Smith's album, Horses. She is one of my favourite artists, a poet, tender, wild and raw. Whenever I want a bit of bad arseness, I listen to her and unleash the wild woman.

  6. Plainsong - The Cure

    I'm a sucker for melancholy music from the 80s and 90s. It was a difficult choice selecting one song when I love so many. I chose this because it is the opening track to one of the most important albums in my life, Disintegration. I get excited every time I hear it.

  7. Rainbow Connection - Kermit

    The sound of this little green frog's banjo takes me to my happy place. Oh and when the strings kick in, I have to fight back the tears…heartbreaking and hopeful. The world would be a better place if there were more Muppets in it.

  8. Running Up That Hill - Kate Bush

    This song is my secret karaoke weapon ... look out when I go the full Bush. I missed her recent UK gigs but was engaged in a shoot at the time with the Proprietor, so that made it okay.

  9. Empire State of Mind - Jay Z (featuring Alicia Keys)

    The release of this song coincided with my first trip to NYC. I was touring with A Streetcar Named Desire and watching the magnificent Cate Blanchett tear up the stage every night. It was a magical time, Christmas, with good friends, in a sold out show, in one of the most exciting cities in the world and everywhere we went, this song was playing. Put your lighters in the air everybody, say 'Yeah'.

  10. Sia - Chandelier

    This artist is amazing. I'm excited by everything she does. This song especially moves me; it is such a cry from the soul. I guess all of my choices are cries for hope or freedom in some way. Maybe that's what I think a good song does, it liberates you and makes you believe good things are coming.

Thanks Mandy, lovely set. A big Dayglo cheer Ladies and Gents, and three hearty cheers at the very least for a great actress....ok ten big cheers then..., a great sort, and a great great DJ -- the fabbo MANDY McELHINNEY!

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