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Top Ten Tunes

Lillian Haynes

CEO Northeast Wines and Spirits Hong Kong

Ladies and Gentlemen! Tonight, in the Dayglo, courtesy of Two Paddocks Virtual Air 1st Class (So convenient we just leave you at home.) arguably the world's most glamorous, and nicest, wine distributor:

  1. Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond

    Hong Kong Stadium, Rugby 7's, South Stand, the biggest karaoke of all time

  2. Oh What a Night - Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons

    Jersey Boys, London, 2009, the best musical.

  3. Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson

    Chill out in Phuket, lazy Sunday afternoon...

  4. Kokomo - The Beach Boys

    White sand beach, steel drums, pina colada...

  5. Hey Baby (If you'll be my girl) - DJ

    One of the best rugby songs whether it's in HK, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Wellington

  6. What's Up - 4 Non Blondes

    The first song son Ed learned after ABC and it's one of his favorites still

  7. Something Stupid - Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman

    Mismatch but sweet

  8. Sway - The Pussycat Dolls

    Great rhythm, Richard Gere on the dance floor

  9. I Feel Good - James Brown

    All time classic.

No, No NO NOAAHH, oh god Lillian, you chose the Beach Boys, bless you, but you chose the ONE certifiable stinker they ever sang!* Still, you make up for it with James Brown, and anyway ... we've snapped out of it ... and that's the thing with Top 10s, you can play WHATEVER YOU WANT. It's your party, and you'll twist if you want to! Rock on Lillian!

So thanks Lillian, we are your BIGGEST fans here at Two Paddocks HQ, and we'll play your stuff any time and goodness knows you have exquisite taste in so many things, not least in wine.We can't wait to get hack to HK and Northeast, and to see you back here you are way overdue!

And all you disco divas, when in Hong Kong, check out Northeast Wines. And in a tight spot, always remember you can get a glass of Two Paddocks at the Four Seasons.

* The Prop is a fervent Beach Boys fan, and his B Boys Essential 10 is coming soon.

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