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Top Ten Tunes

Lena Headey


Ladies and Gentlemen! A respectful hush if you please. Please! Welcome back to the Dayglo and another Bacchanalian Bacchanal, another night of song and...oh sod it, you know why you're here. However may we take this opportunity to apologize momentarily for the heat in here -- not only has Andrzej the Polish Plumber stuffed the air-con, but our special guest has single-handedly raised the mean temperature on the Dayglo floor by a good 20 degrees. It's the way she wears that dress.

Yes punters and puntees, all the way from Hollywood California, and before that, London England, it's the talented and utterly gorgeous Lena Headey! All you Game of Thrones fans...yes it's your actual Lena, right here in the Dayglo -- but we'll have none of that pogo dancing here thanks. Or are you Man City fans? We're confused... Anyway, you know her best, other than that, from The Brothers Grimm, 300, The Terminator on the telly, and heaps of other stuff...but we know her best when working with the Prop three times -- The Jungle Book, Merlin and the upcoming Mariah Mundi -- The Midas Box. And you'll be seeing a lot more of her in the upcoming Dredd. She's always brilliant, always funny, and we are very fond of her here at TPHQ.

And here she is with her Top 10. Actually, looking at the list, we see she has gotten out of control, and chosen more than the allotted 10...Oh Lord, where is the discipline these days? I'm afraid it's 10 or nothing, young lady!

Bring her up to the stage, let her pass you mongrels, here she is -- a vision of loveliness, our old friend and all round good egg, the simply ravishing ... give it up for ... LENA HEADEY!!

  1. Make You Feel My Love - Adele

    When I was pregnant with my son, now two, I played this and I wept. The depth of the lyrics equaled the love I felt for someone I'd never met. Someone I knew who was about to change my entire being. He did and it's wonderful.

  2. Say Hey (I Love You) - Michael Franti

    I was stuck in a funny little shack in southern Ireland with a new baby, doing a new job. Things were a wee bit stressful. I would put Wylie in the baby bjorn and dance around to this song. It's impossible not to grin.

  3. Case Of You - Joni Mitchell

    Mackenzie sang this on his guitar in a hotel room in Prague. (Yes, that sounds dodgy. It wasn't.) I've loved this song ever since. Saw Joni and Dylan in Toronto. What a night. My sweet friend Larissa sings it whenever we drink a wee bit too much.

  4. Mexico - James Taylor

    I did a TV show way back when. We shot in new Zealand and on our days off we would drive around, park at the beach and swim and lay on the warm sand, we'd leave the car doors open and let James Taylor sing to us.

  5. Only if for a Night - Florence and the Machine

    This just makes me tingle and inhabit a different world. The whole album is just genius. Beautiful beautiful. I saw her at Coachella recently. She is otherworldly. I grinned and jumped and swayed and was unearthly bound for a few hours.

  6. Fools Gold - Stone Roses

    Anthem of my northern teen years. Just fantastic. Used to bunk off school and go to Manchester to look for Ian brown and Sean Ryder. Never found em.

  7. Sympathy for the Devil - Rolling Stones

    A well spent Misspent youth ( musical education) The only indie club in my area. Underage and too much fun. They played this track at the end of the night. A Sweaty and collective band of northern teens on a journey of discovery.

  8. The Piano - Michael Nyman

    Beautiful. Touches my very soul. Not JUST cause you're in it Sam.

  9. BMFA - Martha Wainwright Just a fantastic angry song. It's been my companion on a journey of the heart filled with disappointment. Good to play loud if you've had a shitty day. Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk - Rufus Wainwright.

    Just a fantastic angry song. It's been my companion on a journey of the heart filled with disappointment. Good to play loud if you've had a shitty day.

Oh dear, here she is, sliding up to the MC (me) batting the eyelids, asking for more ... Oh well, just 'cause it's Lena, and she IS a honey ...we reluctantly permit the following addendum:

Song for my son. Ne'r a truer lyric sung.

Great tune. Kooky in every a sense. Evokes feelings of adventure.. A sense of freedom. Gallivanting around a city at sunset.

Got to have a boss track. This is my absolute fave. Faded floral dresses.. Warm beer .. Dusty open roads.. (think freedom may be a theme here)

Need I say more.

Again. Freedom. Driving. Smiling. Contentment.

New discovery. My pal introduced me on a drive recently. Love this. And he's a northerner. Of course.

Kate Bush is the true queen here. BUT there is something undeniably addictive about this version. The heart thumping oh oh oh's guarantee some jumping around.

This is a bad precedent, can't help but feel ... but, look, just this once, and it IS Lena ...Thanks, Darl!

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