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Top Ten Tunes

Judy Finn

Winemaker and Diva

Special Guest Winemaker and Diva from Neudorf

Ladies and Gentlemen! Tonight in the Dayglo Disco, Club Two Paddocks, special guest New Zealand Wine Legend Judy Finn! We love a lot of other wineries here at Club HQ, and some we love more than others. Neudorf, in Nelson, is one we adore. 30 years on, making some of NZ's greatest wines (try walking past their Chardonnays ... go on, try ... see you couldn't do it!). And here she is, the glamorous Judy Finn, co-founder of Neudorf with her husband Tim Finn (imagine the sheer inconvenience of that alone -- like a Californian winemaker who happened to be married to an Elvis Presley) ... Judy has immaculate taste in wine and music, and we are honoured to welcome her to Club Two Paddocks, a rousing cheer please for the wonderful ... Judy FINN!

My musical memories started with my father and Friday night trips to Baden Winchcombe's (love that name?) to buy 33 RPMs (jazz, musicals) followed by fish and chips at Deans Fish Shop.

  1. Green Door - Jim Lowe

    Listening with siblings while parents down Gin with  friends   euphemistically called a cocktail party.

  2. Spanish Harlem Incident - Bob Dylan

    A revelation after Cliff Richard    music as poetry.

  3. Ruby Tuesday - Rolling Stones

    Memories of  halter necks, heavy fringes, exams, boys, kitten heels and garter belts.

  4. N.S.U. - Cream

    Student flats   Aubrey Beardsley posters, blackberry nip (as  nature's true emetic). High times good times.

  5. White Wedding - Billy Idol

    Working three jobs, planting vineyards,  sooo tired. One job was working shifts at local radio station   still love  this.

  6. Anything from Madame Butterfly - ( Maria Callas and Nicolai Gedda sing the duet Vogliatemi Bene from the First Act of Madama Butterfly by Giacomo Puccin )

    It reduces me to tears.

  7. Tower of Song - Martha Wainwright

    I know Mr L Cohen wrote it but Martha  nails it.

  8. Carmelita - Warren Zevon

    Great man.Will always be a sucker for the ol'CW  ballad.

  9. This World - Katchafire

    Hard call could be OpShop, Woolshed Sessions  or Che Fu's version of The Beatles Come Together, but New Zealand music reigns

  10. 99 Problems - Jay Z

    Daughter teaches me, I am hooked but resist her  adulation of Beyonce.

Fabulous choice Judy. New Plymouth girl through and through. We very much admire Neudorf down here in the Paddocks ... they produce wines with what we believe is a similar sustainable philosophy to ours, and their wines are elegant, balanced and restrained with marvellous textures and flavours. We recommend them. Good people too.

Thanks Judy, and our best to The Other Tim Finn!

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