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Top Ten Tunes

Jorge Garcia


Our famous friend and colleague

Ladies and Gentlemen! By popular demand, direct from Los Angeles, right here in your very own living room!

The iconic! The celebrated! The wildly talented! The really nice guy! The one and only! Yes, he's in the House! Give it up please ... for JORGE GARCIA!

  1. Manchester - The Beautiful South

    Never ceases to put a smile on my face. Always makes me wish I had a hat and cane to do a little soft shoe.

  2. e - Lorraine Ellison

    Did someone say "suffering?" No one else bleeds like this.

  3. Someone Like You - Adele

    I'm a fan of great suffering but this track

  4. No Nostalgia - AgesandAges

    The Handclaps. The Tambourine. This song just makes you feel good. Who's up for a

  5. And Now - jj

    No matter how many elements they add to this song her voice keeps it sounding simple and sweet.

  6. Calgary - Bon Iver

    No matter what you're doing this song will make you pause to listen. It reminds you why it's great to own headphones.

  7. My Body - Young The Giant

    Of course they can't all be breezy. Sometimes you want a song that makes you want to push people around. You can feel the movement in this song. It gallops.

  8. In The City - Chris Bathgate

    A great song for watching the sun go down.

  9. Rill Rill - Sleigh Bells

    This song just make me want to dance in my chair.

  10. Too Young to Burn - Sonny and the Sunsets

    An easy breezy garage surf tune that's in no hurry to get to its end.

Thanks Jorge -- coolest 10 to date. Big fans of Bon Iver and Beautiful South here at HQ! Good work , mon ami ...

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