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Johnny Marr

Musician, Singer, and Songwriter

Ladies and Gentlemen. Dayglo Denizens! Disco Divas! A moment of reverential rock'n'roll hush if you please! Tonight, courtesy of Two Paddocks Virtual Airways (the only airline that has less idea of how to fly than you do), a true Rock Legend, and a certified God of the Guitar! Yes, all the way from sunny Manchester (or, wait, what time of year is it?) ah, possibly Portland Oregon, or erm ... was it New York City? ... well, definitely the northern hemisphere... it's... Johnny Marr! Yes, THE Johnny Marr! When you picked up your comps tonight, you cheap slatterns, you had NO idea you'd be getting a Living National Treasure, live on our livid, lively, lovely Dayglo stage! Did you now? Johnny Marr - formerly, and crucially, a founding member of massive Manchester band The Smiths, a band that changed music forever, and later The The, The Cribs, Modest Mouse, etc, along with a ton of other work as session musician, producer, solo artist, and all that ... an incredible career and body of work. Here at the Dayglo we first got to know Johnny listening to The Smiths back in the day. And what we liked most was the sublime contrast between, but happy meld of Morrissey's i-am-going-to-throw-myself-under-a-bus-right-now and Johnny's get-up-and-dance-good-time guitar. That maestro. Ever since, he's the kind of guitar player, that you recognize immediately, whatever the context. One of the truly greats. And here he is, we are honoured to have Jonny in the house, Fender in hand, but DJ for the night here in the Olde Dayglo. And you are honored, too -- freeloaders all -- so give it up, big ups indeed, and make some BIG NOISE for the inimitable, the brilliant...JOHNNY MARR!

Here's a list of songs for you:

  1. Metal Guru - T.Rex

    An amazing surge of glam power and off we go. This record is proof that there is beauty in trash. Once I heard it I could never unheard it, and sounds otherworldly yet strangely familiar at the same time. A good time or what...

  2. Se Telefonando - Mina

    A record written and produced by the great Ennio Morricone and sung byan Italian 60's pop star. Mina was a killer young singer and this song is a dramatic wonder.

  3. Right Thoughts (Right Words Right Action) - Franz Ferdinand

    Taken from their 2013 album, another great single from a consistently brilliant band. They know that pop can be smart and fun and they know how to do it. It&'s not as easy as it looks.

  4. Bloodlines - Mimicking Birds

    Brand new and beautiful from a young band based in Oregon USA. Sublime.

  5. Needles In The Camel's Eye - Brian Eno

    Punk rock UK style way before it's time. Considering that Eno was referring to himself at the time as a "non-musician" it's a great advert for either not knowing too much or knowing plenty about just the right thing.

  6. Foggy Notion - Velvet Underground

    Simple and perfect. If there is something as the coolest band of all time it would be this band, mostly because they never did anything that wasn&'t cool. “I got my Calamine Lotion baby..."

  7. Lost In Music - Sister Sledge

    Written, produced and played by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards. Incredible chords and perfect rythym. McCoy Tyner meets Bohannon with a statement that simply wraps up the whole sentiment.

  8. Vamos A Matar Comañeros - Ennio Morricone

    From the film of the same name a condensed version of the soundtrack done in 3.00 minutes of ace melodic eccentricity. Pretty as anything.

  9. Shot by Both Sides - Magazine

    A great single from a great band that defined a time in my town. The singer considers the fate of the politically non committed. So called “Art Rock” but so it is and so it goes…

  10. Keep On Keepin On - NF Porter

    There weren't many Northern Soul songs built on guitar riffs, usually it was piano and brass and bass. This is the best. Totally unique and gets your attention brilliantly.

Superb Johnny, and many thanks. The Dayglo is yours any time! Come back to NZ soon -- another 7 Worlds Collide is surely well overdue!

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