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Jenny Morris


Ladies and Gentlemen! I give you fair warning, and I'm only going to say this once ... the next idiot who wolf whistles is out on his ear, and banned for a fortnight! Yes, I know it's Jenny Morris, well I would wouldn't I -- jeez, I book the acts for goodness sake ... and yes I know she's the sexiest damn thing we've ever had on the Dayglo stage, but any more of that crude carry on, you louts down the front, and I'm bringing out the yellow card! We won't have it!

Here she is, Ladies and Gents. You've asked for her, and at huge expense, and an even greater effort, we've flown her in on Two Paddocks Virtual Airways First Class (where everything is complimentary, except the lifejackets -- negotiate at the escape hatch, please). She's one of Australasia's greatest ever Chanteuses, a rock legend, an all-class, all-sass, all-singing and geetar playin' sensation. And we love her here at the Dayglo for being a great NZer as well as a great Australian (Order of Australia, Brava that girl!), a model citizen, a tireless worker for charity. We play and love her stuff all the time here (the Prop's particular favourites are Tears, Break in the Weather, Gonna Get Hurt, She Has to be Loved, You I Know, and the Paul Kelly song Street of Love) ... But more than all of that she's a great pal, generous, funny, good company, and she's lovely. Give it up please, big time for a National Treasure, the one and only, the gorgeous ... JENNY MORRIS!!

The top 10 could change on any given day but as of today, in no particular order ...

  1. Rusty Cage - Johnny Cash

    Sophia Loren said that sex appeal has nothing to do with age. I agree. Listening to Johnny Cash sing you know if you've got it, age means nothing. This was originally a Soundgarden song which Johnny has smeared Johnny all over. (Looks like Tom Petty on guitar in the video too.)

  2. Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You - Colin Hay

    I've always loved Colin's voice. When you see him live (especially solo) you realise what a beautiful musician he is and what an amazing showman. In fact, Men At Work showed the least of his talents. This song was on the sound track of a favourite movie, Garden State.

  3. Oh Darlin' - The Beatles.

    It makes me funny in the crutch whenever it gets to ‘…when you told me, you didn't neeeed me anymore….' (mind you, so does looking down from a great height make me funny in the crutch.)

  4. I Feel Better - Gotye

    This is the song I always refer the ‘Paul's a wimp and John's the cool one' mob to, to show them how wrong they are.

  5. Son Of A Preacher Man - Dusty Springfield

    Wally (Gotye) is one of the best singers of this generation in my humble opinion. He writes a mean song and is a total original while using lots of samples. I love the uplifting feel of this song. He has a world number one Somebody That I Used To Know so I guess I'm not alone in the fan club. I recommend the whole album Making Mirrors. It's a ripper! The videos are amazing although this song doesn't have one but check out Somebody That I Used To Know and Eye's Wide Open

  6. Message of Love - Pretenders

    All right, I admit, I want to be Dusty when I grow up. I also would have happily turned for her. She's one of the few singers to hit the big note without making you hold your breath. That smoky voiced, passion filled, soulful woman was a total original.

  7. Lujon - Henri Mancini

    The slow vibrato, the poetic lyrics, the leather and ruffles, the power chords…what a woman. I identify with the passionate delivery she gives all of her songs. I Go To Sleep is one of my favourite songs ever. The only time I ever met Chrissy was at the Royal Albert Hall after an INXS gig where she spent quite a long time drawing bat genitalia on a napkin.

  8. Way Of The World - Max Q

    Lush, sensuous, French. The strings, the muted trumpet, the sax, the classical guitar…. It's heady, it's the 60's, it's hot, it's cool.

  9. Downtown Train - Tom Waits

    Max Q was a recording project done by Michael Hutchence and Ollie Olsen in 1988. I wish the rest of the world had heard it before they made up their minds about Michael being just a drug addled, hedonistic, source of interest. The Michael I knew was fiercely intelligent, funny, caring, loyal and probably most surprising, politically involved. This is Michael let off the INXS chain and exploring on his own. It's amongst my favourites of his catalogue of music.

  10. Tell Me What You Want - Pyjama Club

    I love music that makes us feel like we're not voyeurs but part of the story. Tom speaks to ME (It's all about ME) and no one else. I'm in his dark and broody world having light shed on the way things are. It's a little bit scary, a little bit edgy. I'm getting an education here.

Thanks Jenny, an unbelievably great set. And here is a little bonus (please don't sue) ... here she is, the Goddess herself, singing at Bryan Brown and the Prop's birthday bash, where she oh so generously coordinated the music. As always, Jenny rocked the house. The Earth Moved! (4.25 MB, MP3)

Love ya Jen!

Oy! Down the front! I heard that! SECURITY!

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