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Top Ten Tunes

Jane Jackson

National Retail Sales Manager, Negotiants

Ladies and Gentlemen! Direct from Herne Bay, our favourite Auckland Bopster: a menace on the dance floor, a terror on the road (white GTI wheels, natch) Jane "Twister" Jackson -- our good palat Negociants NZ. Wild and very very funny ... keep your heads DOWN, here she is, one hot daaangerous Naki chick heading for the DJ booth ...give it up, listen carefully and hit the floor ... it's our very own, the lovely ... Jane JACKSON!

  1. The Air that I Breathe - kd Lang

    It's a combination of her vocal range, impeccable timing, inherent and intelligent musicality that get me. This song, delivered with depth and feeling, sum all of that up. There were so many songs I could have chosen as she is absolutely my favourite female singer.

  2. Please Read the Letter - Alison Krauss and Robert Plant

    Two more of my favourite musicians on one blinder of an album -- an inspired pairing with magical results. An outstanding version of this song in which you can feel the agony of yearning and love.

  3. Oh Very Young - Cat Stevens

    My love of Cat Stevens music was sealed in the mid 70's at boarding school. My lifelong friend Tina played this piece then and almost 40 years later still does so his music speaks of the very deep pleasure that both enduring friendships and music give.

  4. Think - Aretha Franklin

    The woman's voice is all power, fearless and sassy. Love the bit when she belts out the word ‘freedom' and reckon it is the best 2 and half minute dance workout ever -- can't listen to this without wanting to do so.

  5. Heroes - David Bowie (live in concert, Berlin, September 2002).

    My musical hero of the 70's, so anything of his from that decade would work. This live performance of Heroes is a cracker and in it he reeks of the cool I thought he had then and still has today.

  6. Closing Time - (studio version) - Leonard Cohen

    Love his insightful, astute and cynical observations of life and the human condition with a voice to match. Couldn't choose between these 2, so I haven't.

  7. Us and Them - Pink Floyd

    Dark Side of The Moon was the BEST present I got for Christmas in 1974 and the album remains a favourite to this day. It started a long love of things Floyd and this particular track still transports me to another place as it did the very first time I heard it.

  8. Have a Little Faith - John Hiatt

    Poetic, heartfelt words that can bring both tears and joy. Everyone needs someone to catch them when they fall. Frequently turned up full bore.

  9. Nimrod, The Enigma Variations - Elgar, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, at Carnegie Hall, 1997, conducted by Barenboim. Quite simply, beautiful, it feeds my soul and makes me wish I could play the violin.

  10. In the Mood - Glenn Miller

    My father's signature piano piece and as children we would dance as if demented whenever he played it. It's not a favourite piece as such, but I couldn't not include this one for the incredible memories of a house that was full of music, dancing and laughter.

One word Jane -- immaculate! And another big hand everybody, for all Jane's good work in the righteous mission of taking our wine to the darkest and driest corners of the land.

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