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Top Ten Tunes

E. J. Barnes


Ladies and Gentlemen! A special thrill today in the Dayglo Disco (predominantly agent orange with lime green highlights, and a fluorescent strobing see-through dance floor) in the House tonight, an old young friend, the delightful and beautiful EJ Barnes!

If anyone in these parts could be called Oz Rock Royalty, it's our darling EJ. Daughter of the legendary Jimmy Barnes (currently roaring through Australia with his great band Cold Chisel), niece to the wonderful Diesel, sister of two terrific singing sisters Mahalia and Elly May, sister to David Campbell (ripper singer) and Jacky Barnes (ripper drummer) niece to the fabled Swanee, etc. etc. Brought up in a noisy musical house full of hundreds of musos, actors, cuzzies and the best of bludgers (you'd need an historian to document it all) and it's no accident that she not only has talent to burn, but she is out there with a crazily successful career of her own: writing, collaborating, singing, playing an assortment of instruments, recording and more.

She's here in the Dayglo, taking a brief break from touring with Liam Finn (let's not get started with his extraordinary musical pedigree) - last month we saw them in Vancouver, the night after Eddie Vedder had sung with them in Seattle, as well as touring between times with Evil Jane & St. Cecilia – do yourselves a favour and go to You Tube and see them and the increasingly hirsute Liam Finn to see the glorious EJ play and sing. And, look, we do understand that a lot of our DJs, while hand-picked by the Prop are, well, male, and not as young as they once were, so here's an antidote – EJ Barnes, the opposite to that, and decidedly alt rock as well!

Here she is, just a lovely person and a lovely singer, we've known her since she was a kid, she's completely gorgeous, and she's here with her kind o' tunes! Give it up for the utterly radiant ... EJ BARNES!

The Top Ten Songs by Bands I've Discovered on Tour

  1. The Mystery Lair - Lawrence Arabia, from Lawrence Arabia

    A song by the wonderful James Milne, who I met when I first moved to London. He was first Kiwi to have me in his band. I loved touring with him and getting to sing in harmony with a gorgeous bunch of Kiwi

  2. Welcome To Nowhere - The Mint Chicks

    Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! I heard this album when I was on tour with Lawrence Arabia & The Erotic Threads. I loved it instantly. Plenty of awesome beats for erratic dancing and beautiful melodies. I was thrilled to do tour of New Zealand with The Mint Chicks a couple of years ago. Not so

  3. It's Chode My Dear - Connan Mockasin, from Please Turn Me Into The Snat

    Connan is another New Zealand fellow I met when I moved to London. He had a trio called Connan and The Mockasins back then. A strange and wonderful artist, he makes incredibly psychedelic music and this album is amazing. This song is a sexy little number about a penis that is as wide as it is long.

  4. Tiny Head - The Luyas, from Too Beautiful To Work

    This is a really captivating band from Montreal. I met Jessie on my

  5. Stupid Ocean - Adam and The Amethysts, from Amethyst Amulet

    Adam is another Montreal based musician, who was a part of Miracle Fortress when Liam and I toured

  6. Little Bird - Griffith Goat Boy, from The Chimera

    Davey, a dear friend made this album whilst studying to become a doctor

  7. Yours Truly, The Commuter - Jason Lytle

    This song takes me back to

  8. Hot Tania - The Drab Doo Riffs, from Fist Full of Doo-Riffs

    We just toured NZ with this great band. Rockabilly pop at its best. This was one of my favourite song to watch live.

  9. Deep In My Heart - Marques Toliver, from Butterflies Are Not Free

    I'm currently touring America with Liam Finn and this lovely young man from Florida now London-based. He's a violin playing soul singer with a voice from heaven. I'm loving watching him play every night. This song is off his current EP.

What can we say the most generous of lists, and a great road of discovery for all of us...exquisite taste.

Thanks so much EJ, we love you and come back soon to the Dayglo!

A huge round of applause again, groovers, for the completely fab EJ BARNES!!

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