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Top Ten Tunes

Dean Shaw

Vinous genius...

Ladies aanndd Gentlemen! Our DJ today -- a man who needs no introduction here in the TP Inferno! So we won't give him one! Oh , alright you lot, we will. Our winemaker since 1999, our partner in the Central Otago Wine Company, and friend for all of that time, Dean is the original rock'n'roll winemaker -- the speakers at work are bigger than some of the vats! Knows more about music than most, and much more about how to craft great wine than just about anyone! Just do not ask him to dance though -- not a pretty sight! Anyway, here he is larger than life, and lurching towards the turntables. He's in the House, he's ready to Rock! Are You? Let's hear it for ... DEAN!!

  1. How You Doing - The Front Lawn

  2. Don't Eat That Yellow Snow - Frank Zappa

    Songs 1 and 2 always remind me of going skiing up Mt Ruapehu where the mantra was always: don't eat the yellow snow and How You Doing always reminds me of the inane conversations you would have with long lost half friends on the chairlifts.

  3. Give Up the Funk - (Tear the Roof Off Sucker) - Parliament

    Just a ripper of a tune especially at 3.00am just before noise control arrive for the last time.

  4. Earth Is the Place - Nathan Haines

    So many songs to choose from here. The man is a genius, an absolute gem. Like many he is totallyunappreciated but just gets on with it.

  5. Down in Splendour - Straitjacket Fits

    Wailing guitars, gnashing teeth in a Dunedin haze stuck at the Oriental Tavern trying to smuggle two $5.00 bottles of McWilliams Port into the gig, a bottle down each arm of the

  6. Gone Daddy Gone - Violent Femmes

    Always reminds me of when my father left us to run off with the Avon lady and we ended up living in a cardboard box. Nah. Joke. A great summer, beach, bbq and too much sun song. The whole album got thrashed to death. Everyone knew every lyric -- great. Oh Dad you are forgiven come back please.

  7. Dance to the Music - Sly and the Family Stone

  8. Alphabet Street - Prince

    Songs 7 and 8 are just that: Californian funk -- the big fro and those platform shoes do it for me every time. -- oh it makes me so envious. If only white guys could dance.

  9. Pull Up to the Bumper - Grace Jones

    Wow, Grace. Say no more.

  10. Blue Lady - Hello Sailor

    Could easily have been anyone of the great Kiwi artists that we have. It nearly was April sun in Cuba but Blue Lady always reminds me to sedate myself if I am getting too excited.

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