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Top Ten Tunes

Burn Gorman

Actor, Human Beatbox

Ladies and Gentlemen! Tonight a virtual treat like nothing before here in The Virtual Dayglo.

Let's hear it for the dapper and droll Mr. BURN GORMAN! Yes, exactly ...YAY to the MAX! Burn Gorman -- an actor of a truly prodigious output and an almost unlimited talent. Also, a ratbag of curly contradictions. Sounds English -- is American. Should be Irish -- not. At first glimpse - a bruiser. Actually one of life's sweethearts, wouldn't hurt a fly. OW! Sheet!

Did you, Burn -- tonight's DJ from afar, just clip me on the bleedin' ear'ole? No? Not you? See -- not him -- gentlest fella imaginable. Also, this may be a first here in the Dayglo -- Mr Gorman is a sometime DJ, has played all over the world with no less than Rodney P, Groove Armada, Neneh Cherry (sigh!) and is "part of the Human Beatbox outfit "Drool Skool". AND he can dance! Yeh, I've SEEN it! Suck on that, Sunshine!

BUT ... you might know him best from Turn (AMC), Torchwood (BBC) Bleak House (BBC) Forever (ABC) among a zillion others, including Game of Thrones (HBO). Heard of it? Oh, you have ... okay, shut up now.

And the movies? How about Pacific Rim, The Dark Knight Rises, Layer Cake, All Is By My Side, and ... can't be arsed to list any more, there's heaps. But Jenny, at the hatcheck, told me to say he was brill as Bill Sykes in Oliver on the stage.

Anyway, on with the show. Burn is here, between shots so to speak, while working with the Prop on the upcoming And Then There Were None (BBC, LIFETIME), and best guess (it's Agatha Christie) -- he done it! Well, he might have. Could be. You will just have to tune in for your Xmas special to see, won't you now? But for now -- let's just say, you couldn't ask for a nicer bloke to work and hang with.

Look, here he is now - lithe, lissome and all loungey leatherette -- the loverly MR BURN GORMAN!

With love - Here's me tunes:

  1. I'm a Man - Spencer Davis Group

    Barely out of short trousers Stevie Winwood blasts out this testosterone and adrenalin fueled adolescent war cry - with Jimmy Miller, drummer and percussionist on the Stones Can't Always Get Whatcha Want providing the groove. If this doesn't make you shake yr ass then you Sir/Madam ... are a corpse.

  2. Peace Frog - The Doors

    Big Chief Indian Jimmy M forecasts the future: "There's Blood on the streets it's up to my ankles" - Oh Bollocks - not much has changed.

  3. Wilmot - Sabres Of Paradise

    Manchester in the 90's. Met the missus. Stayed up for days. Andy Weatherall always delivers. Memories of madness.

  4. Brazos - Matthew E. White

    Head honcho at Spacebomb Records in Richmond Virginia where I live and film part of the year on TURN, Matt White adds another G to the Guns and God of the Confederate Capitol - Groove. Like getting a moonshine massage.

  5. Bebe - Eumir Deodato

    Blue Note. Latin Groove. 60's soundtracks. Three of my passions in one tune. Deodato conjures up driving round Sugar Mountain in an E Type waiting for the next spy mission - but first get the crackles out ya Polyester slacks.

  6. Galileo - Declan O'Rourke

    My Irish blood can't resist a maudlin ballad. But Declan O Rourke has Anam Anainn - a beautiful soul, and this is a soul sonnet. Played it to my boy to get him to sleep.

  7. Warrior - Lloyd Banks

    Play this after meeting dickheads at auditions.

  8. Slavonic Dances, Opus 72, No 2 (No 10) in E Minor - Antonin Dvorak

    Got taught by this great actor from the Maly Theatre in St Petersburg, Russia. He spoke little English and we spoke no Russian. So he'd put on Dvorak and try and teach us to listen -- some of the best acting advice I've ever had ...

  9. Vivrant Thing - Q-Tip

    Any Love Unlimited Orchestra sample is going to crush, but the ever reliable Q-Tip does his Q-Tip thing and brings his Q-Tip finesse to a ridiculously Q-Tip joint.

  10. Help Me - Joni Mitchell

    Happy times in Topanga Canyon feeling the ghosts of Bogart & Lorre and the vibes of Guthrie and Gram Parsons - and of course Joni. I'll have a case of that please.

  11. Sigourney Weaver - John Grant

    John Grant, ex of The Czars kills it with a song about my favorite alien and yours - Queen Sigourney.

Thanks Burn! And thanks for all the fun on ATTWN, my man. Lets hear it again Dayglo Denizens for perhaps the best DJ we've ever had here - how's about that for a COOL list my friends? Burn -- come back to the old Dayglo any time, mon ami, and next time YOU ARE the groove. SICK!

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