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Bob Campbell

MW, Writer and Educationalist

Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome back to the Dayglo! Yes, apologies -- we've been closed for a couple of weeks so that Andrejz and his Polish Plumbers could complete yet another dazzling reno here at the "World's Most Garish Nightclub" -- Christian Science Monitor. Delays were unfortunately necessitated by having had to relieve various Kardashians of their décor duties -- their innate good taste proved to be problematic. However Desiree's inspired suggestion of hiring Barry Manilow as consultant proved to be a winner, and now we're back bigger and better than ever, slap bang in the middle of the world's biggest lava lamp. That, combined with Barry's inclination for a Safari sub-theme (How about those zebra pattern banquettes?) and the Dayglo feels more exotic than Marlon Brando in Tahiti!

Today, on the decks, please welcome a most distinguished man of letters and booze, a man who has done more to put New Zealand Wine on the map than just about anyone else we can think of (mind you we're not exactly thinking at our best right now -- after all, this is Dayglo Dancing Dementia time). He's a wine buff, critic, judge, educator, writer ... He has worked with wine for almost 40 years ; good lord, he's marinated in wine. You can find his work in the Wine Spectator, Decanter, Gourmet Traveller, North and South etc, and books galore. He travels everywhere, speaks everywhere, judges all over the world, and has drunk absolutely everything. His unflagging enthusiasm and immaculate palate are legendary, as is his wit and bonhommie. Let's face it, writing and talking about wine can often be a bit ... well, dull -- Bob Campbell is a glorious entertaining exception.

Give him a big hand, Disco Divas, we unfortunately don't have time today for Bob to give us the skinny on wine, he's here on equally serious business -- he's our D J tonight...make way please for the one and only...MR BOB CAMPBELL!

  1. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    My evening wine classes end at 8:30 pm and I'm in the habit of playing a little Mozart to lift my spirits while I clean up. This bright little piece energies me. I never tire of it.

  2. Heart Attack and Vine - Tom Waits

    I'm a huge Tom Waits fan and have most of his albums. I recall being quite shocked when I discovered he wasn't black.

  3. Una Furtiva Lagrima Giuseppe - from Allegro al Dente sung by Italian tenor Giuseppe Di Stefano

    A joyous Italian opera that demands to be played whenever I cook Italian food (or any food for that matter).

  4. Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd

    I was profoundly moved when this album was released nearly 40 years ago. It touched something so deep within me that I continue to become almost catatonic when I hear it today. My daughter gave me a DVD of Pink Floyd performing it live. Can't wait to experience it.

  5. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

    Amazingly polished piece that leaves me slightly exhausted.

  6. Moondance - Van Morrison

    OK, OK, it's a bit of a cliche but I loved it then and I love it now.

  7. Ain't No Big Thing - John Lee Hooker

    Love Hooker's gravelly voice and the lyrics on this track.

  8. The Moon is Low - Zoot Sims

    I often ask music lovers to name their favourite album or artist. Wine writer and jazz enthusiast, Graeme Barrow, introduced me to Sims and I love every track. Wine writer and classical music enthusiast, Michael Cooper, introduced me to Schubert but I found him slightly depressing, particularly when I learned he'd been suffering from advanced stages of syphillis while writing the music on the CD I purchased.

  9. You Can't Always Get What You Want - Rolling Stones

    Released in about 1969, vintage Stones in a year at I got my first job and steady girlfriend (later my wife). The lyrics affirmed everything I believed at that time.

Haunting lyrics with a classic Simon delivery.

Big hand for Mr Bob Campbell please, a lovely list by any measure! (And our apologies to the two dozen or so patrons who took a bad turn when we turned on the strobe lighting. Management assure you that we asked the Polish Plumbers to tone down the FX, but their English is at best limited.) But, for the rest of us, a great set Bob. And let's put our hands together for Bob, and massive applause please for his longstanding great service to NZ Wine! We salute and thank you Bob! Give it up please for the great...Mr BOB CAMPBELL!

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