The Alumni

Gone But Not Forgotten

Sometimes our staff move on, and we are grateful for their contribution while they were with us. Most of them are hardly even scarred. We like to keep in touch. Here we print for posterity their original entries and “Where Are They Now!”


Diane Von Mollenburg

Diane brought Teutonic discipline to both the office and the staff room. All the lads were terrified, as well they might. Just so much as look at a dirty teacup and all hell breaks loose. The Proprietor was delighted. Diane brought years of experience at Mercedes Benz G.B.H (Stutgart) Heinkel-Ribbentrop-Gurgelheimer Wines (Mosel) and Gribell-Schwarzz Akountents (Munchen). All in administration. Our office has never been more organized. Or punctual.

She also bakes bread in her spare time. Danke Diane.

Benji Tom

Tom Rowley and Benji Bradley

On loan from Otago and Victoria Universities, Tom and Benji have their sights eventually on NASA. At least we think that’s what they said.

croot redbank

Brian Croot

Our most senior and revered team member, Brian has been with us for longer than anyone can remember. In spite of his obvious youth and general sprightliness, Brian was previously a farmer from Southland having taken up a landholding circa 1898. As a consequence Brian knows more about farming, more about fixing machinery, more about … er … animal husbandry, horticulture etc. than the combined staff of Lincoln College. He is a source of wisdom and knowledge, and a mentor to junior staff. In a line-up of villains and wastrels, Brian is the only certified Good Guy!

Where is he now:

2013: Idle retiree and cherry eater. Living the dream. Clyde.


Assistant to Proprietor, T. P.

Karen Mitchell

A whizz with the zimmerframe, Karen is all purpose supernumerary to Two Paddocks and to the veteran proprietor (now sometimes known as “veteran” actor; we assume, as in the car world this means older than “vintage”)

Karen has put her years as jetsetter and supermodel behind her, and now is concentrating on the world of commerce and entertainment. Plays squash, tennis, netball, shotput, trapeze, basejumping and ice hockey. Has recently retired from representative rugby pretty much unhurt. Also has political aspirations, but keeps them to herself.

Where is she now:

2013: Tennis coach, professional comedian and wine buff. Queenstown.

darryle tamati

Darryle Tamati

Darryle briefly considered a career as a Wall Street Banker. However a glimpse of Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas in red braces took the gloss of the ambition, and he turned instead to greener pastures.

He has joined us after twenty five years in grounds maintenance in Dunedin. Darryle comes from the famous rugby league Tamati family. However here in Earnscleugh, the nearest rugby league side is across the alps, so he turns out for Clyde (Rugby Union) and at 48 is easily the oldest winger in New Zealand rugby, if not the world.


Kaol Lee – Tuck

Not nearly as Chinese as he sounds, Kaol come to us pretty much straight out of Polytech green, naïve, enthusiastic, friendly and eager to learn – we knocked all that out of him pretty smartly. He’s now as jaded and cynical as the rest of us. No – only kidding – Kaol is a sound man on and off the vineyard, and his knowledge of our terrior and his great capacity for hard work has made him an invaluable part of the team.

Amazingly he has an attractive girlfriend. Go figure! So, no more fan mail please.


Where is he now:

Last seen on the beach in Western Australia.