The Alumni

Gone But Not Forgotten

Sometimes our staff move on, and we are grateful for their contribution while they were with us. Most of them are hardly even scarred. We like to keep in touch. Here we print for posterity their original entries and “Where Are They Now!”


Previous General Manager

Mark Field

Mark comes to us after years in the hospitality industry, and he has the complexion to prove it. Mark now handles sales, clients, business affairs, kitchen sinks – you name it, and Mark can do it. Frighteningly competent. Mark comes directly from Waitiri Creek Wines. Actually, not exactly direct; two refreshment stops at the Cardrona pub delayed his start at T.P. by a couple of weeks, but that’s all behind us now and Mark is now well in charge.

Mark is transforming Two Paddocks into the amazingly professional outfit we’d always imagined!

Where is he now:

Mark left to seek his fortune in the North Island April 2011. Last we heard he was still at the Waikari Pub, but should get there by Xmas.

2017: Mark spotted in the Edinburgh of the South - Dunedin.


Former Vineyard Manager

Richard Flatman

Richard is our head honcho in the vineyards. Like Mark he is affable and engaging, and a tremendous enthusiast for viticulture and our beautiful vineyards.

Greener than the Hulk (but better looking) Richard is heading Two Paddocks into the world of organics. We’ve always believed in growing the most healthy wine possible, but we reckon in a year or two we’ll be certifiably organic.

Richard comes from Kawerau Vineyards (the pioneers in organics in Central Otago) and before that Delegats and BRL Hardy in Australia. Surprisingly highly qualified for a bloke who looks like the bloke who lives next to the bloke who farms next door. If you follow us.

Where is he now:

Richard (plus Sherree and family) initially moved on to bigger things at Neudorf Wines in the Nelson district – colleagues well respected by all at Two Paddocks. Richard was the head viticulturist there under the august leadership of Tim Finn (the other Tim Finn).  Most recently rumours of having moved to OZ (as in Australia - not the place Dorothy goes to) have surfaced.

simon gorley

Vineyard Supervisor

Simon Gourley

Simon has been with us for some years while on holiday breaks, and then full time since 2010, and has now rocketed his way to the prestigious and sought after position of Supervisor.

Simon had the great good fortune to be born and educated in Invercargill – Invercargill to N. Z. is what Cambridge is to England – and is probably the most distinguished graduate of that fair city’s justifiably famous Verdon College (note : the Rolling Stones were possibly drunk or worse, when they described Invercargill as the “arsehole of the world" back in the day. And Tim Shadbolt was not yet Mayor then) .

He flew through Lincoln College, having taken his exams mostly in a sober state – a practice traditionally frowned upon there – and emerged with a degree in viticulture. Three years there coupled with a similar time at the University of Hard Knocks (Two Paddocks Ltd), and Simon is ready for anything.

Simon’s other interests include wine tasting, rocket science, and slow cars. Has a girlfriend apparently, but no one really believes this. No sightings to date. A much valued member of the innovative and energetic Two Paddocks Team lead by Mike.  As opposed to the idle and retrogessive Two Paddocks team (The Prop).

Where is he now?

Now ably assisting the team at COW Co.


Keith Robertson

The most coveted job at Two Paddocks (originally created by the legendary Brian Croot, now in semi and indolent retirement across the valley) is that of T.P. farmer/groundsman/greens/landscaper/story teller/bon-vivant.

Brian set the tone here – louche, urbane and erudite, he could turn a Massey Fergusson on a dime ( well a tuppenny piece probably).

So into Brian’s two toned brogues steps Keith – adventurer/rugby coach/motellier/farmer/kabuki busker/martial arts aficionado. A legend at Rotary in other words.

Keith brings a keen analytical and inquiring mind to the smoko table and a crisp and sophisticated finish to the mowing. “Keith is awesome” Otago Mountain Scene.


Communications and Social Media Consultant

Hana Deavoll

Hana doesn’t just seem to be generationally different, she could be on another planet as far as the antiquated luddites hanging around HQ are concerned.

And just as well. Hana is dragging us not entirely unwillingly into the 21st century. We were quite comfortable in the 19th century, writing in an elegant copperplate in our leather bound ledgers, but it wasn’t good enough. Hana and Stu are seeing us right.

Now even the Proprietor is on Twitter and Facebook. This is rather like a man on a Pennyfarthing applying a jet motor to the back wheel – both dangerous and exhilarating.

Hana’s obvious youth and glamour belies the fact that she is educated (qualified teacher), well traveled (from Russia to Vietnam to US, etc.) and has wide work experience (especially in film).

She was NZ national snowboard champ, and could even race for Two Paddocks if Felicity wasn’t so snooty about snowboarding.

Like some other very fortunate women, is married to a bloke called Sam, and is mother of two.


Office Administration

Catherine Hamilton

Graduate of John Moores University, Liverpool, Catherine is both bright and Irish. In fact, she was just about running Ireland until the place went bung, although we can find no direct evidence that Catherine was directly responsible for the Emerald Isle’s spectacular decline. There was probably more than one involved, and most of them have fled to Spain.

Catherine is herself in Alexandra, and we are happy to take advantage of her considerable knowledge of the hospitality industry  and the media.

We are not sure what "the media" is, but Catherine has a degree in it. We’ll get her to explain one day.

In the meantime, she’s standing by in the office, hard at work at ... officework. We’ll get her to explain that too one day.

Where is she now:

2013: Mother, bouncer  and licensed publican. Alexandra.