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The Alumni



Sam has written his own bio. Here it is, uncensored. This is a first...Grew up in rural south Canterbury on a deer farm. Ended up moving to Central for work experience during Uni and was offered a full time position in vineyard. Went back to finish last year at uni then spent the next 5 years at Felton Road. Then decided he needed to see some of the world and spent six months in Europe working in vineyards and completed two vintages. Moved to Australia for 2 1/2 years for another 2 vintages while continuing working in the vineyard. Decided to move back to Central. Keen rugby follower but still cops grief for being a Crusaders supporter even after living in central for 10 years. Lover of the outdoors.Well that’s the official version -- Sam omits that he is a Squash tragic (as in the racquet racket) and has lost more games than you have had hot dinners. Resident of Cromwell, and house prices have halved on his street since he moved in. Known to the police. Very well dressed, but even a three piece suit (see elsewhere on this site) cannot attract a girlfriend. Lower the bar girls – he’s a good guy!



Tom has been with us since 2013. Or possibly 2012. The records have somehow been expunged. We do know that he has been confirmed as sighted on one of our tractors several times by more than one witness for more than three years.Tom comes from Winton, and never looked back. Investigations reveal that he was in fact known there as The Eastern Southland Man of Mystery. Hit man, spy, sleuth, private eye ... or just plain farmer. No one really knows. All we can say is -- just the mention of the name Tom Shaw as far afield as Tapanui makes the bluffest of farmers turn pale. Say the name in Invercargill, and locals will dive into rain barrels.Now in the more peaceful climes of Central Otago, Tom is, in his spare time, on an organic horticulture course. Which of course is right up our alley. However, this may be just a cover for his work for the KGB, CIA, SMERSH or whatever international organization is prepared to pay for his lethal skills. His mild mannered exterior we have always known as a cover for a steely, deadly interior.Tom's main hobby is photography. But all spies say that don't they?



More glamour, and more brains than you can shake a stick at. Virtually helped Al Gore to invent the Internet. Film buff; knows more about the French New Wave than Cahiers du Cinema. Ubernerd aside, Cathy is an outdoors freak and is often found astride the tundra in far flung parts of the world. Has climbed 7 of the big 10. Often seen at Hollywood premieres in Yves St. Laurent. Has other computer duties, but none of us at T.P. can quite grasp what they are. Enjoys a large fan base.

The Alumni

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