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Welcome to the Two Paddocks virtual fine wine store offering an easy and safe way to buy our wines and have them safely delivered to your door faster than a three armed grape picker. With the help of NZWineHome we can deliver just about anywhere on the planet.

Please note that we use secure credit card and logistics facilities and every care is taken to ensure you receive your wine in the pristine condition that it was bottled in. If you have any concerns or queries, please e-mail our knowledgable and vinously wise team on the sales floor here at TP HQ at Email Address for help and advice.

The Prop Awakes

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The Prop Awakes

25 April 2017

We had a visit from the excellent Charlie Pickering (comedian and TV Current Affairs Host from ABC Australia on The Week), not so long ago.

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Private Paddock

THE PRIVATE PADDOCK A Club. Yes, we know it sounds ...well...kind of poncey. But for a multitude of reasons, we’ve decided to rationalise our present rather random visit programme, as w...