16 May 2019


“Sam Neill Is Not Sure Why He Tweets”

In “Sam Neill Is Not Sure Why He Tweets,” Freddie Campion interviews SAM NEILL, owner of TWO PADDOCKS, about his ever-growing Twitter presence, and his status as a “true triple threat,” referring to his acting career, livestock carousing, and winemaking since 1993. Neill has been on Twitter since 2011 but his follower count has more than doubled in the last two years from the popularity of his videos showing him interacting with the animals that live on the winery grounds, including practicing yoga with a pig, leading a horse on a guided sleep meditation and reciting positive affirmations to a duck. When asked what was harder, crafting a fine wine or a great tweet, Neill responded, “I am not sure if there is such a thing as a great tweet. Crafting a great wine is very, very hard. But, all modesty aside, we do it pretty regularly.”