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Personality Test: Sam Neill, Acting Great and Winemaker

How would you describe yourself?

I’d like to say dashing, debonair and very brainy but who would believe that? In truth, I’m a mess. And a bit thick.


What can’t you get through the day without?

A good coffee. I recommend GG Espresso Café. (Locations include the city and North Sydney.) Say I sent you. There may be a free coffee in it for me.

What part of your long career have you enjoyed the most?

The part when my agent calls and tells me I’ve got a job.

And least?

The day after, when I have to work out how to pull the job off.

Which three of your many films are you happiest with?

That’s like asking me, “Which is your favourite child ?” I love them all.

You’re from New Zealand and you have your own Two Paddocks Winery there. What’s the winery’s main appeal for you?

As much of the world’s finest Pinot as I can drink (I drink in moderation). And the ride-on mower.

As a winemaker, do you find an irony in your Dean Spanley role being a clergyman who goes into trance-like states when affected by a
particular wine?

No. If you find yourself in an altered state after a glass of wine, seek help immediately. I do.

Has Two Paddocks Pinot ever taken you into similar states?

There are no recorded instances of Two Paddocks bringing out the animal in anyone. In my experience it brings out the best in people.

What was  your most memorable moment with Peter O’Toole on the Dean Spanley set

A couple of excellent unprintable anecdotes about one or two very famous actresses.

Canine reincarnation is an idea suggested in the film. Are you a dog or a cat person?

I love dogs. And, in all modesty, they love me. So it works out well all round.

You played the Antichrist in Omen 111: The Final Confict, and now you’re in a film playing a minister, so you’ve moved right across the religious spectrum from hell to heaven. Has this affected your own spiritual beliefs?

I think I’ve learned it’s better to be good than bad. But being bad can be a lot of fun.

No one’s ever asked me to play in a Western. I fancy being the guy in the black hat – he’s baaaad.

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