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Cameron Douglas | Mindfood: A Man For All Seasons

Sir Sam Neill is a quintessential Kiwi. He has a mostly down-to-earth ‘let’s have a cuppa and talk about it’ style, with a straightforward honesty […]

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Susy Atkins | Decanter: Sam Neill & Two Paddocks

A world-famous actor he may be, but Sam Neill is not to be dismissed as just another celebrity winemaker, given his dedication to ‘Lord Pinot’, […]

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Bob Campbell MW | The Real Review: Two Paddocks Riesling Treats

Wine producer and renowned actor Sam Neill focuses on two varieties: pinot noir and riesling. Pinot noir is a logical choice. It is Central Otago’s star […]

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Huon Hooke | The Real Review: Sam Neill on wine, books and movies

Sam Neill needs no introduction to movie buffs, nor to wine lovers as he is the proprietor of Two Paddocks vineyard in Central Otago. Huon Hooke used […]

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Australian Story: Why Actor Sam Neill is 'not particularly interested' in his cancer

Why actor Sam Neill is 'not particularly interested' in his cancer

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Taika Waititi raves about 1870s hidden beach in Dunedin

Taika Waititi has revealed he is mad about a little-known hidden beach in the South Island. Waititi also praised other parts of New Zealand, including Jurassic […]

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Sam Neill's Menagerie - ABC Listen

Sam Neill is a winemaker, an author, a cancer survivor and a father. He cares for cows, pigs, ducks and horses on his farm in […]

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Kylie rosé or Snoop Dogg red? Celebrity wines: tested

"Those who own the vineyard and take an active interest in production are still most likely to make wines of real quality and character. Of these, by far the best are Sam Neill, who owns the excellent Two Paddocks winery in New Zealand..."

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Central Stage

Sir Sam Neill's southern estate is a self sufficient, sustainable haven.

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Sam Neill's Otago

Amanda Woods talks to awarded actor and Central Otago local Sam Neill about what makes the place he calls home so special.   He may […]

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How ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ found new life in familiar faces

For so many, the appeal of the Jurassic Park franchise isn’t just the dangerous dinosaurs or near-death escapes. It’s also the franchise’s beloved humans who are […]

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Actor Sam Neill accepts new title

Equity New Zealand, the union representing professional performers, congratulates Sir Sam Neill on his new title as Knight Companion of the Order of New Zealand. […]

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The Weekend Australian - Q&A

In your 50-plus years on screen you've played a cardinal, a wizard, a spy and the Antichrist. Any roles you'd still love to do? I never got to be […]

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DINO Might

THIRTY YEARS IS nothing in terms of geologic eras, but it’s a large swath of a lifetime. In 1992, Laura Dern, Sam Neill, and Jeff Goldblum "first gathered in […]

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Hollywood Reporter - The Portable Door

The beloved Kiwi actor discusses his latest project, the fantasy-adventure The Portable Door, returning to the world of Jurassic Park30 years after the original and […]

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BRYAN: You’re very wide awake for your age. SAM: I’m doing this out of a misguided sense of loyalty and friendship. I’m determined to live longer than you. You know that. […]

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"Drink Less, But Better" Wine Enthusiast - Lauren Mowery

Though movie fans may know him for blockbusters like Jurassic Park or indie flicks like Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Sam Neill’s reputation in the wine world hangs on Pinot […]

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Sam Neill Foxtel magazine

Screen legends Sam Neill and Michael Caton reunite as warring brothers in a reimagining of endearing comedy Rams in Australia’s robust but relatively small film […]

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Can You Guess these Five Actors, Musicians and Sports Stars Who Are Winemakers?

From Jurassic Park to Two Paddocks…Sam Neill knows how to make a good Pinot. From Sam Neill to Arrow star Stephen Amell, famous actors, musicians and sports […]

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We should put decent women in charge of everyone
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Sam Neill's guide to sheep
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Sam Neill - 'Home at Last'

When Sam Neill left his vineyard in the Southern Alps of New Zealand to work on the Apple TV+ series, Invasion, last February he couldn’t have […]

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"What I have Learned" Sam Neill Actor & Proprietor of Two Paddocks Wines
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Diary - Sam Neill Starting from Scratch
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Celebrities You Had No Idea Owned Their Own Alcohol Brands

Celebrities You Had No Idea Owned Their Own Alcohol Brands Sam Neill When Sam Neill isn’t escaping dinosaurs in Jurassic Park films or starring in […]

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Sam Neill On His Social Media Fame: "If It's Cheered Up One Or Two People, Then My Time Was Well Spent"

Easily one of the country’s finest (adopted) actors and certainly among its most admired, Sam Neill has also spent four decades as one of its […]

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Martha Stewart Living Magazine

Exploring the Elegant and Earthy Red Wines Made with Pinot Noir Grapes It's one of the oldest grape varieties in the world. Pinot Noir from […]

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Gourmet Traveller WINE Sam Neill Live Tasting

Thank you for joining Gourmet Traveller WINE for the tasting of Two Paddocks Pinot Noir with Sam Neill. We thought you might like to access […]

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Sam Neill: 'If I’ve got a project, I don’t have time to think about how depressed I am.'

Sam Neill: "I really need projects. I’ve got to have something on the go. I have a feeling I’m an undiagnosed depressive."CREDIT:GETTY IMAGES Each week, […]

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Behind the scenes of Australian Story's program on actor Sam Neill

Behind the scenes of Australian Story's program on actor Sam Neill I planned a breezy backstory about a gentle, warm wind of an Australian Story […]

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A Passion for Pinot MiNDFOOD May 2020

TWO PADDOCKS GIBBSTON VALLEY (The Fusilier) PINOT NOIR 2018 I first saw the Two Paddocks Vineyards riding shotgun in a helicopter.  The obsession the Neill […]

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Picking Up Those Good Vibrations

Look at the website for Two Paddocks and you're immediately struck by a restrained confidence that exudes from every page. These are vintners, growers and […]

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His Brilliant Careers - Australian Story

  Youtube: Iview (Australia and select countries internationally):

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Katie Spain's Bottle Stop - South Australian Weekend Magazine

Smiles like cuddles, are a rare and precious thing these days.  I can't get the latter from Sam Neill (he's in lockdown) but he does […]

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Grape Expectations MiNDFOOD March 2020

Acting legend Sam Neill is popular around the world for his body of work on the big screen. Now he is also becoming famous for […]

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Sam Neill's Many Hats metropole Feb 2020

  Sam Neill has been an international spy (Possession), a palaeontologist (Jurassic Park), a senior KGB officer (Amerika) and a corrupt policeman (Peaky Binders), but […]

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