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In addition to making famously splendid wines, we also dabble in other agrarian pursuits down on the farm. We grow fruit and vegetables, culinary herbs including saffron, and we keep a number of animals which are pets as much as anything.

We also, on occasion make little movies about all of this. We see them as MAXiMOViES™ but in fact they are little, extremely modest microdoodles. They are just tiny things, but we hope you enjoy them.

Two Paddocks The Movie

You’ll find a number of films and clips about us on the Movies page, but this is a new one, fresh out of the lab. […]

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Songs Sung
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Wine Time
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Poets' Corner
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Cinema Quarantino
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Gnome Chats
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Cooking with Sam
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Two Paddocks in 3 Minutes
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The Prop Awakes - A Short Otago Film Noir

Starring Charlie Pickering and Charlie Pickering.And featuring The Proprietor as The Proprietor.And Pigs.

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I.P N.C - A Movie by Jeremie Sery

Jeremie Sery has put together a memoir, a documentary, of our time in Oregon.

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The Odyssey*

Yes folks, easily our most ambitious flick yet. Co-written and starring The Prop (with Homer as co-writer - thanks Homey), and directed by our friend […]

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Vintage 2015 by Jeremie Sery

Filmed at (and above) all four of our vineyards, this movie celebrates the 2015 grape harvest and the beauty of New Zealand.

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Microdoodle #16: The Kindest Cut of All

Sam Neill shares why Pinot Noir is so special (and expensive).

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Microdoodle #15: Take the Plunge into Riesling

Something we prepared earlier.

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Microdoodle #14: Cornucopia Vitis

Pinot Pinot Pinot...

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Microdoodle #13: A Sense of Place

Rolf and Lois Mills at Rippon were among the earliest pioneers of pinot in Central Otago, and were old family friends. Lois is still there, […]

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Microdoodle #12: To Pinot and Beyond

We have some marvelous neighbours and colleagues in Central Otago, and Verdun and Sue Burgess at Blackridge are among the best. They are also somewhat […]

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Microdoodle #11: Two Paddocks Xmas Two

Happy Holidays

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Microdoodle #10: Weather Feather

The Proprietor feeling on top of the world.

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Microdoodle #9: In a One Cow Open Sleigh

The Two Paddocks Xmas MAXiMOViE

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Microdoodle #8: Smoko with Bob

At Two Paddocks, good staff relations are all about good communication.

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Microdoodle #7: A Case of You

Welcome to HQ, come on in...

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Microdoodle #6: The End of the World

In a sea of thyme, the Proprietor teeters on the edge of oblivion.

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Microdoodle #5 Chateau Deux Paddox

The Proprietor takes us on a tour of the First Paddock vineyard, and its historic and beautiful Chateau set in its own splendid grounds.

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Microdoodle #4: Proprietor's Perks

Our own Undercover Boss, The Proprietor, disguised as a passing actor, gets to the nitty gritty of vineyard work in winter.

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Microdoodle #3: A Pig's Tale

Angelica's Hollywood Debut.

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Microdoodle #2: Feel Good Ferment

Proprietor Sam Neill, barely stuttering these days, does his best to contain his overexcitement in the winery. Starring Dean Shaw. Magnificent Winemaking. Two Paddocks.

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Microdoodle #1: Hello Chook

Cecil B. DeMille eat your heart out.

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