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Vintage Vintage

All by hand ... We are picking about 2 – 3 tonnes per day, all hand-picked and hand-sorted. Here Keith is on strict quality control, […]

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New Wine, New Movie

New MAXiMOViE and newly released Proprietor's Reserve First Paddock wine! Yes folks, today we launch another MAJOR Two Paddocks MAXiMOViE, entitled The Kindest Cut of […]

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Wine Babies

Something in the wine? At Two Paddocks we produce wine, lavender oil, eggs, vegetables, many varied fruit, nuts, herbs, saffron, etc ...and babies. Meet Zara […]

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Two Dogs

Canines I have Loved and canines I have Lost Many of you will know that the Prop writes for the venerable Spectator magazine (UK), four […]

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The Eagle Has Landed

The Prop finally undercover After weeks of covert work (about a year actually, all up), Stu Higgins of Frankton (Airstream Supplier to the Stars) has […]

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Into the Wild

Downtime. Or uptime, if you will. Dreamtime perhaps. It’s rewarding work, but exhausting work, being Vigneron at Two Paddocks. Spending 365 days of the year […]

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Peaches for Pigs

21 February 2014 Best time of the year ... Hard to believe, but our friendly fruit-growing neighbours are actually fond of our pigs, and are […]

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New Yard

Vibrant ... The bird nets go on this week as we pass veraison, but before we throw a veil over everything, here is a cracker […]

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Hog Blog

Pigs in Paradise On Tuesday the Saddleback Pig family took another delivery of two bins of cherries (seconds) and immediately set to a full scale […]

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Dam Treated with Respect it Deserves

Dam busters... This morning, a perfect Summer’s day, the little lake from whence cometh our water, looked so utterly ... perfect. It looked as if […]

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New Two Paddocks Vineyard!

Proprietor goes crazy! In the right way. In the world of Believe It or Not, this takes some beating. As of this week, we have […]

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Cows: The Next Generation

In a galaxy, not that far away ... Yes, the Lady Caine has finally, reluctantly, produced a Calf – Richard (Roxburgh). A bonny young beefy […]

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Larry Live

The maestro has landed. A couple of times a year our long time mentor, the highly esteemed, one might almost say revered, mentor, Larry McKenna […]

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Robert Parker's The Wine Advocate Reviews 2010 Proprietor's Reserves

To the delight of The Proprietor JM writes: All here happy to see the micro-produced The First Paddock 2010 busting out a 93+ points and […]

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From the Prop's Very Quill

Another for The Spectator More than just a plain face, The Prop writes again for that august British organ, The Spectator. About actors, accidents, other […]

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Two Paddocks T-Shirts 2013

And Les Francais... So, our latest official Two Paddocks t-shirts are now available, at very limited numbers. Designed by artist Alex Stephenson, they are made […]

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Cousins in Wine

Thicker than water, not falling far from the tree, etc. So, those of you who know a little about our story already know that last […]

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Duck Nests

On Eggs One of our Indian Runner Ducks, Maria Sharapova, is nesting discreetly in a bed of old lavender bushes. She thinks we can’t see […]

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Imogen Poots has Ten Babies

And all just like her ... Our comely saddleback pig, Imogen Poots, has given birth to no less than ten saddleback piglets. Judge for yourself, […]

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Sunday Lunch at Rātā

If you're in Queenstown on November 10th, join us for lunch with the Prop, Blair Walters and Paul Tudgay at Rātā. Great food, great wine […]

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All Pigs Are Pigs!

All Pigs Are Pigs! A rose by any other name... The livestock on the HQ vineyard Redbank are increasing almost by the day. Not only […]

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Sprung Mike took this photo this morning, of our first lamb this year. Born this very day. More livestock news from the vineyard soon.

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Celebrate Conservation Week 2013

What's your whānau doing?  Conservation Week 2013 (8–15 September) is a chance for you and your family to make a pledge for conservation, and celebrate […]

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Milestones and gallstones Keith had a big birthday this week and the Premier Cru celebrated with club sandwiches, sponge cake, scones and cream and dainty […]

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The Glamour, the Glamour

Getting down with the dirt It’s winter time, and a lot of different jobs take precedence. Among them the wild world of COMPOST. We believe […]

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Simon Succeeds

Simon is seen here putting together cuttings we have taken from our best vines, which are going to Riversun to be grafted. They will then […]

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Plunge Into Riesling: A New Microdoodle

Something we prepared earlier... Before the present winter storms rolled in, and our Redbank main vineyard was still a green and pleasant land, we shot […]

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Our Online Shop

Lordy, Lordy, a long time a-comin' Yes folks, at last it's here, our online shop. Three years in the making, at the very least, by […]

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Going the Hard Yards for YOU

Jimmy Nesbitt and The Prop on Quality Control Wellington is at full speed again, with all hands on deck working on the next HOBBIT. But […]

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When Pets Look like Their Owners

And Vice Versa Well, usually, it's the dog. But here at Redbank, one can't help but notice the uncanny way in which our old boar […]

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Vintage In

Game On The team finishes right on time at The Last Chance. In the centre, with bucket, Our Girl in London: Siobhan from Haynes, Hanson […]

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Pinot Noir 2013 – The Aftermath

The Prop writes for the Spectator Little mention has been made in these pages of the spectacular PINOT NOIR 2013, held in Wellington earlier this […]

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Colours Galore

Vintage 2013 This is the road to our Redbank vineyard, always spectacular at this time of the year. And invariably, it means we start to […]

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First Paddock

Gold Medal Winner Yesterday, looking west over First Paddock , late afternoon . Last look before the nets are on. (See story below re medals, […]

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Easter Has Come Early to Earnscleugh

Excitement in the vineyard Jacque Murphy writes -- All massive toothy grins at the vineyard today with news that The First Paddock 2010 Pinot Noir […]

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A Shave and a Haircut

Stylin’ in the Yards About now, before the nets go on, as veraison is upon us, we spruce up our vines with an immaculate trim. […]

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