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The Prop and His Music

Almost sounds like he knows of what he speaks ... briefly. The Prop talks with Sarah Walker on Essential Classics on BBC Radio 3 about […]

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I.P N.C.

The movie Ladies and Gentlemen ... Jeremie Sery has put together a memoir, a documentary, of our time in Oregon. Merci Jeremy. Merci IPNC. Merci […]

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Helena Bonham Carter's New Baby!

Mother and Calf doing well Yes Spring is upon us, before we had time to say BRRR it's cold. And of course, being Spring, our […]

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Our Foray To The Oregon International Pinot Celebration 2015

Jacqui Murphy's Management Log -- filing from TP HQ I'm going to try and convince you, the reader, that attending the 2015 International Pinot Noir […]

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Wine Without Any Worry At All

No Worries Jameson One of the most amusing people we had the pleasure of meeting at IPNC, Oregon, was Jameson Fink. He has a wonderful […]

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Blog On Blog

Their blog, our blog every body bog blog. Sometimes other people's blogs say it all. This is from Wendy Stanford and our friends at […]

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New MAXiMOViE -- The Odyssey*

Yes folks, easily our most ambitious flick yet. Co-written and starring The Prop (with Homer as co-writer - thanks Homey), and directed by our friend […]

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Horror, Wine and The Prop

Not necessarily in that order The Prop, rattled but still going reasonably heartily after years of service to the craft of the Horror Flick, spills […]

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Rhys Darby

The bullock A relatively recent arrival, this chap is named after the All Round Entertainer and Sometime Gardener Rhys Darby. Not because they are both […]

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Olive Oil!

Is there no end to our resourcefulness? On two of our vineyards, We've been growing olive trees for some 15 years now. Finally, we have […]

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And Medals Galore! So, grand success again (modest blush from Dean and Mike) at the world's most influential wine competition -- The International Wine Challenge […]

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New MaxiMovie!

In glorious ColorYouCanSee™ and SoundYouCanHear™ Our resident Frenchman this year, Jeremie Sery, is also a budding filmmaker. (Jeremie Sery oddly enough translates as Orson Wells […]

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All Done

At last So, finally, after snow, hai, rain, frost, sun, wind, yesterday we took our last grapes off for this the 2015 vintage. 94 tonnes […]

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Vintage 2015

Here we go. Here we go. So, it begins. We started picking at The Fusilier, Felton Rd, this week. So far 15 tonnes of excellent […]

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Ram on the Lam

Delinquency drama This month our current ram, Sonny Baa Williams, has been terrifyingly close to an early demise while on a mysterious and potentially hair […]

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The Prop Talks

To Kim Hill on Playing Favourites, Radio New Zealand About growing up, being a Nigel, family, the upcoming documentary Anzac-Tides of Blood (aka Why Anzac […]

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New Labour

New Vintage So the nets are on, suspense builds, and we are gearing up for vintage. In all four vineyards. Ladies and Gents! ZARA WING! […]

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Immodest Distinction

Good marks and loving it. Normally we put our good reviews discretely in our astoundingly interesting Articles and Reviews section. But this week The Prop […]

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Talking Prop

Real Life Confessions The Prop gave it up in interview last week. Read here, just a half minute should do it ...

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Animalia and the Two Paddocks Farm

  Baa baa moo moo quack quack oink oink, etc. On the not entirely unrelated matter of organics, we keep a growing number of animals […]

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Organics and Us

How green is my valley ... Redbank -- The Hill Block We are now fully back into our organic programme. Philosophically we are not at […]

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The Prop Acquires an Office

Uber cool. Uber kuhl. Curly kale. At last, a space he can call his own. Look, it's important that the Boss looks like a Boss. […]

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Looking Back While Looking Forward

Not so much a Maoist slogan, more a Two Paddocks mantra. For the very few of you who may have missed some of this (you […]

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Lovely. Mostly ... Yes it’s that time of the year again. Fecund, fragrant, fabulous, fantastic ... oh stop it .. On the very plus side, […]

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The Year of the Lamb

Results just in Here at Redbank, Keith, OC Animal Husbandry, (pictured right with Simon left) reports this is our best lambing season to date. Our […]

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Stephen Tanzer Results

Two Paddocks The Last Chance Pinot Noir. 92 points. Look for it in April 2015 Two Paddocks Nine Piglets. Looking cute now! The crew very […]

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More Candidness ... Candidity ... Candidiziness ... Oh, What's the Word?

The Prop gets mildly shickered at famous London eatery. And spills the beans again. Or slops the mince... You be the judge. Read on ... […]

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Nigels United

Central Mission Two Proprietors, Nigel Greening of Felton Road, and the former Nigel Neill of Two Paddocks, join forces for a day in Blighty. Read […]

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The Prop Answers Your Questions

Shocking candour Well, maybe not your questions exactly, but The Australian was kind enough to do the following interview this weekend in their colour mag. […]

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Liam Neeson

The big man speaks. From the man himself: our Pinot, and the finer things in life.

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New Lifeforms in the Vineyard

Weird but true. The thing about our cattle is, as part of our organic and biodynamic programme, we need them to ...well let’s not beat […]

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Parental Control

In the world of the Pig Sometimes kids just need putting in line, and it’s often up to fathers to take charge of the situation...

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Love in a Cool Climate

Look Away Children Winter is upon us. You may not know this, but winter is a time of romance in the Pig World. Well, our […]

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And Medals Galore! So, grand success again (modest blush from Dean and Mike) at the world's most influential wine competition -- The International Wine Challenge […]

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Two Paddocks Wins!

Success in London Yes folks, we announce with great pleasure our success at this year's International Wine Challenge 2014 in London. Not one, but TWO […]

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The Fusilier

Faugh-a-Ballagh Our purchase of Desert Heart Vineyard completed this week, and on Friday we not only were picking fruit there, we marked this auspicious day […]

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