Two Paddocks Expands Crop, Product Plans...

6 July 2000

Manager appointed. Crop and planting plans established.

LavenderJo Shroff has been named manager of Redbank Paddocks. Jo, who has been running the Redbank station for the last couple of years, is enlarging on the horticultural research that the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) started. We see this work as complimentary to viticulture and plan to continue to expand on it. At the moment Redbank Paddocks' principal crops are lavender, marigolds and St. John's wort; all plants with health giving properties -- like red wine. Jo distills oils and essences in the Redbank laboratory with spectacular results. If you look carefully in certain good heath shops in New Zealand, you will find Redbank products. We are considering remarketing these products under the Two Paddocks brand.

The property also yields crops such as thyme, pistachio nuts and bay trees and we are looking into planting additional high-quality niche products. In the spring, in addition to grapes, we will probably plant olive trees. We are very excited about this expansion of Two Paddocks crops and products.

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New Vineyard Purchased

New Vineyard Purchased

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