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Winter Waning



Picnic RieslingNo, in fact we really enjoy winter here in the vineyards, particularly when we get  a fine day of such blue crystal clarity that you feel that  the world is freshly minted.

On such a day, at luncheon consider the White option ... in our case Two Paddocks Picnic Riesling. And place it for a few minutes in the snow to cool.

Did we mention how very very impressive our classic Rieslings have become? This 2010 Picnic Riesling, for instance, is completely delightful ...quite low in alcohol, just enough sweetness to balance against the zing of the crisp acids, a gorgeous suggestion of stone fruits - apricots and peaches along side the lime citrus, with a twist of mandarin peel.

Very refreshing indeed.

Oh Lord, I am going to have to go down to the cellar now ...

Footnote: We have further discovered that not only is our Riesling a sensation when new, it develops beautifully with some bottle age. You should be able to find 2008 and 2009 readily enough, in which case putting some down would be a very sensible move, and we are doing just that.

We only wish we had in years past – we have drunk only too readily our back vintages. Quelle dommage, as they would say in the Mosel, if they spoke French. What would they say? Gott in Himmel! Perhaps...

Cellaring wine involves a certain amount of self discipline, but come on – you CAN do it!

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