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Wines To Avoid

Of course wine is not for everyone,and not all wines are to be recommended for the rest. By and large,wine in an actual bottle ,as opposed to say a plastic bladder in a cardboard box is probably advisable.

We say pay a little more, go for quality, and instead drink a little  less. No change in outlay and you’ll feel better about pretty much everything. Also buy wines that are as clean and natural as possible, as free of sprays and other stuff as you can find. Central Otago wines are, in general, pretty clean as we have so little trouble with fungus issues, etc. Nice clean place ... come visit.

BUT ... while we’ve all known  desperation for a drink, nothing at all should drive you to drink your mate’s home brew. That way madness lies. Or blindness. Or worse.

Seen here, and below, Mike and Nathan are starting a brew with some spare grapes.

They are NOT making Two Paddocks. It might not even qualify for “clean skin” by the look of it. Nil by mouth at costs.

Night antics Management have warned the boys that any damage will be at their own risk. And that the future of rugby in Clyde is of course dependent on Mike being able to see the ball.  [Clyde, with Mike as captain, doing very well this year, so far.] Caught in the act

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