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Wine, Women and Song

It's a wonderful  life

Can one imagine a more sublime combination? Think about it...

The slightest change and it all goes pear shaped, and you run screaming for cover. Try this:

Wine, Blokes, and Song  ...   no thanks.

Beer, Women, and Song  ...   too Munich by far.

Wine, Women, and Soccer    ...  ghastly.

You can play this game endlessly, and end up entertained, but back where you started — in the full and certain knowledge that life does not get better than that — wine, women, and song.

Here's the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam on that very subject — don’t ever say this site is not erudite.

A Book of Verses underneath the Bough,

 A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread – and Thou

Beside me singing in the Wilderness.

Oh, Wilderness were Paradise enow!

And, just for fun, here’s three very different songs called Wine Women and Song.


Loretta Lynn


Johann Strauss


Harvey Danger


(In fact, there may be a cautionary element  in the previous material. This is because, in some quarters, wine, women and song are seen as something to be avoided, the way to perdition, etc.  We strongly disagree. So feel free to ignore, but don’t blame us if you do. You have been warned... moderation, and so on...)


15 March 2010

Negociants out to Lunch

Hands across the ditch

This last fortnight we have twice been delighted to host our friends and distributors from Australia, Negociants, along with some of their key clients. (Two Paddocks fans, naturally.)

Mark, Diane and Karen cooked, along with Bob on the barbecue.

Although  the staff were instructed to scrub up, Bob insisted on putting his knees on display both days. This caused some consternation among the women from Australia, who had never seen anything like them.

Wines were tasted, conversation became lively and the Prop. told stories about going over the top. Which war he was referring to will never be known.

Good bunch both days, and welcome any time.

Our friends from Negociants and some of their key clients.

Negotiants team includes:

Tim Evans, Neil Corston, Simon Traill, Dean Mitchell

From South Australia:

Marina Goldsworthy – Edinburgh Cellars, Mitcham

Sally Ann Johnson – Edinburgh Cellars, Mitcham

Tom Skipper – The Maid & Magpie Hotel, Stepney

From Melbourne:

Neil Davison – Coppins Group

John Corrigan – Prince Wine Store

Jeff Mickan – Templestowe Cellars

From Perth:

Jeremy Cariss – Bistro Felix – Subiaco

Aaron Commins – Must Wine Bar, Highgate

Moreno Berti – The Re Store, Leederville

More friends from Negociants and some of their key clients.

Negociants team includes:

Annie Rowe, Michael Jarman, Chris Denton.

Others include:

Garth Oldfield – Wine Culture, Roseville Chase, Sydney

Anthony Snell – Terrey Hills Liquor, Terrey Hills, Sidney

Raylene Burns – Ferry Road Fine Wine, Southport, Brisbane

Graham & Kaye Pearson – The Cellar Group, Byron Bay, Brisbane

Graham Sutherland – Cru Bar & Cellar, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

Dean Shaw and Graham Sutherland sample the wine.


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