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What We Did Not Eat for Lunch

(One disclaimer after another) We know these days bloggers write about their morning shower, what they had for breakfast, who they fancy … BUT …

We don’t want it thought that we at HQ do anything but work tirelessly towards providing you with the world's greatest Pinot. We are unflagging in our enthusiasm and dedication towards our Great Mission.

However occasionally we do find ourselves elsewhere doing something, which on the face of things, may seem like an irrelevance. For instance:

Here the Proprietor finds himself up one of the South Island’s great fishing rivers... Fishing company of R. Tompkins of Cranbrook Films. Seen here in action. Fishing And surprise of surprises, the Prop finds himself in company of a 3 lb Rainbow. Let it NOT be thought this is a recreational activity – at H.Q.  we are assiduous in finding food matches for Two Paddocks or Picnic Pinot. We have established, beyond doubt that our Pinot is marvellous with trout, salmon and all manner of other fish (we do not eat whale, so no idea about that one, but then whale isn’t fish). Fishing

It is many years since we established the trout verity, and now we do NOT kill them from our rivers. In fact, we gently return them to their gorgeous environment.

They are NOT lunch. They seem entirely at ease with this arrangement.


  For the record here are some other things we match with Two Paddocks or Picnic Pinot:

  • Lamb
  • Roast vegies
  • Thai food (various)
  • Japanese food (various)
  • Shepherd's Pie
  • Tofu and mung beans
  • Ship’s biscuits
  • Montgomery Cheddar and chutney
  • Pickled herrings
  • Brassiere/bistro food (various)
  • Peter Gordon’s great cuisine
  • Comfort food (various)
  • Fish and chips
  • Vegan sausages
  • Roast beef
  • Curry
  • Southeast Asian food (various)

And so on… What marvellously flexible wines! After all these years of research we have only come up with one food to cross off the list:

                 x   Sticky toffee pudding

So… as they say “bon appétit” and “cheers.”

Central Otago

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